It’s About Freakin’ Time! #RHOC

I hope this is true!

Tamra Barney sealed her fate on the Real Housewives of Orange County after going on an epic rant against Bravo for editing scenes, and the mother of four won’t be returning for the next season of the reality show.

“The network has had it with Tamra’s over the top ego and diva behavior. She sealed her fate by publicly stating that Bravo edited scenes to make her look bad,” said a source close to the reality star.

“This is a very big no-no, and Tamra’s contract won’t be picked up for another season. The fact that she has ongoing legal issues with ex-husband, Simon(Barney), and really doesn’t have anything that interesting going on in her life made it a very easy decision.”

Earlier this week, Barney called out Bravo for editing scenes to make her look like she had flaked on Lizzie Rosvek’s 34th birthday party at the very last minute.

According to the mother of four, she alerted producers in advance that her daughter was sick and she would be unable to make the soiree, but seemingly desperate for drama, they forced Barney to wait until the last minute to let her costar know.

“They asked me to wait until the cameras were up in the limo to let Lizzie know,” she alleged. “Then they had her call me and say ‘How rude that you didn’t call me.’”

It has been revealed that Bravo has a tendency to stage scenes and create fake story arcs on the show: Though Barney seems desperate for a child with new husband Eddie on this season, for example, sources told Radar that the series regular actually “doesn’t want another baby.”

The insider added, “Tamra thinks she will get another reality show from another network. She should ask frienemy Gretchen Rossi how well that worked out for her!”


source: Radar, Bravotv

No Way! Cristiano Ronaldo…!!!

What does Lil Wayne and Cristiano have in common?Lil Wayne and Cristiano Ronaldo

$$$ that’s what!

Lil Wayne is making a big business move. The Young Money mogul is reportedly starting his own sports management agency and has signed up soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo as his first client.

According to TMZ, Weezy, who is a huge sports fanatic, has been wanting to get into sports management and is friends with the Team Portugal player.

Wayne has partnered with Polaris Sports, which is affiliated with CAA and GestiFute, the company where Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes works.

Wayne’s company will handle Ronaldo’s sports management affairs in the U.S. including marketing, endorsement deals, and even modeling.

Earlier today, Ronaldo tweeted a photo of himself with thePrime Minister of Japan holding up the Young Money sign.

“My homie Christiano Ronaldo got the President of Japan throwing up Young money! He too real 4dat! Young Muulah baby!” tweeted Wayne.

He won’t be the first rap mogul to venture into the world of sports. In 2013, Jay Z teamed up with CAA to launch Roc Nation Sports, which is home to Kevin Durant, CC Sabathia, Skylar Diggins, and Victor Cruz.


source: RapUp, TMZ


Real Housewives of New Jersey “Trash-Talking” RECAP!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Sunday and are ready for some Jersey!

Last week it was Christmas in New Jersey. The Giudices hosted a birthday party for Joe’s nonni and the adult Gorga cousins got together for a holiday dinner. Let’s dive into tonight’s episode, shall we?

The Giudice girls are speaking in a British accent while they ask Teresa for some tea. Teresa is having a dessert party for her gal pals and family to test her new dessert line. Oh boy, Melissa just said that she loves being blind folded and having someone stick things in her mouth.

TMI, chick!

Amber brings up her party when people were talking shit behind Teresa’s back and she told Teresa that she wanted to apologize for it. Then Melissa starts crying and Teresa starts crying. Also Amber starts crying… Then Audriana runs in asking Teresa why she’s crying. Melissa explains it away and then Amber goes into a full on cry watching Teresa with her girls. Dina assumes it’s because the new girl was just trying too hard, but I don’t agree. I think Amber had a flashback moment from when she had cancer and thought she was going to die and her family would never see her again. Every second counts with your kids and family and I think Amber just got caught up in a moment. Teresa, Joe, Teresssssa, Rino, Nicole and Bobby are having dinner at Angelo’s. It went really well. Everyone got along and even showed support for Teresa and Joe. Amber and Melissa are meeting for dinner. They start out by bonding over wifey and mom talk. Amber’s husband, Jim is at home watching their kids while Amber hangs out with Melissa. His friend, Bobby, who’s also Nicole’s boyfriend comes over and spoils Amber’s kids with McDonald’s and homemade milkshakes.

That Bobby can babysit my kids anyday, LOL!

Although Amber’s gonna kick Jim and Bobby’s asses because they don’t do fast food or anything else that’s not organic. Amber’s husband tries to rationalize why it’s ok for their kids to have McDonald’s every now and again, but Amber’s gonna be pissed. He told the kids not to tell her though. Back to Amber and Melissa… Amber asks Melissa if she’s still doing the singing thing. I’m dying and totally just fell more in love with Amber than I already was! I’ve been wanting to know the status of Melissa’s singing for like ever. Melissa never answered the singing question though; so I guess we’ll never know.

It’s like the what came first riddle, the chicken or the egg? except worse

Now Melissa is grilling Amber about their friendship. She’s all, “Are you my real friend now?” blah, blah, blah… Amber brings up how she was hurt when Melissa stopped calling her and being her friend. Melissa says in her talking head that she’s her friend now; so get over the past and quit talking about it. Bobby talks to Jim about getting all the guys together for a drink to get to know each other better. Jim wants no part of it. He works in the mortgage industry and for the Attorney General for the state of New Jersey and feels there is a conflict between what he does and the Giudice’s legal issues. I think that Jim made a very wise choice because he’s right; MAJOR conflict of interest there with Teresa and Joe’s situation. The guys all get together for bowling sans Jim, but hey, at least Rosie came! OMG, Joey Gorga just said that people should be honored to hang out with him. That people take a number and wait to be his friend.

Oh ya, Lexi didn’t get into NYU and Dina gave her a bracelet from Bulgari. Makes sense, not… Zzzzzzz

Oh joy, now the psychic is at Dina’s to give Teresa a read. Melissa, Teresssssa and Nicole are shopping. Teresssssa tells Melissa the real reason why Jim didn’t want to go bowling with all the guys. Melissa’s pissed and says that Jim better watch himself. LOL, give Jim the evil eye, Melissa! The twins tell Melissa that they’re surprised that Amber wanted to rekindle their friendship because Amber talked mad crap about her when they were no longer friends. Then Melissa drops the bomb that Amber told her that Nicole stole someone’s husband. Oh I know she di-nt! The twins are pissed and run out of the store, tags hanging from their clothes; to go confront Amber. Teresa is getting read. eye roll

I can’t with Dina’s hairless cats. They’re hideous and scare me to death; and I love cats! The twins are sitting in Amber’s driveway right now. They are discussing how Nicole should front Amber out while Amber and Jim are putting their kids to bed. Nicole decides not to confront Amber that night and said she would do it at another time since her kids are home. Hear that, Shannon from RHOC?

Next week on the Real Housewives of New Jersey…

Jim gets in Joey Gorga’s face and explains to him the conflict of interest he has with the Giudices. Amber takes Nicole to the side to set her straight and the ladies attempt to set Dina up with some guy. All at the same party, LOL! See you back next week. It sounds juicy!


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Brandi Glanville to Launch a Wine Line

Ok all you Brandi fans… Name that wine! Seriously, Brandi is asking viewers for help on what to name her new wine line. Good luck! I hope you’re the winner!

As the bestselling author of memoirs Drinking & Tweeting and its sequel Drinking & Dating, Brandi Glanville obviously knows a thing or two when it comes to alcoholic libations. So it should come as no surprise that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is taking the next big step by launching her own line of wines.

There’s only one problem: she can’t seem to come up with a good name. Brandi tweeted out a call for help today, explaining that her wine is a Chardonnay that is coming out very soon. “I cannot come up with anything I love!” she wrote. So far, fans have suggested plays on her own name with the likes of Brandonnay or Glamville.

Here’s my suggestion on a name: STFU Wines. Oh, I hope I win!

Brandi’s wine launch will put her in good Housewife company. Ramona Singer, Tamra Barney, Vicki Gunvalson, and even Brandi’s own former BFF Lisa Vanderpump have all successfully launched their own wines in the past.

On this past season’s Beverly Hills reunion, Brandi opened up about her love of vino, telling the ‘Wives, “I like my wine!”


source: Bravotv



Real Housewives of New Jersey “O’ Christmas Tre” #RHONJ RECAP!

Hey everyone! Last week was the premiere and we met Amber and the twins. I love the addition of Amber, Nicole and Teressssa. It’s way better than Caroline and Jacqueline. Now let’s get into tonight’s episode.

The Napolitanos open this episode with decorating their Christmas tree and of course they have a beautiful Nativity scene that I want under their tree. Then papa Napolitano excuses himself to go have a smoke. The Marchese family are making a gingerbread house and going ape shit from all the sugar that they probably usually don’t get. Amber says as a parent, she wants her kids to have a perfect everything. Birthday, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day… everything, perfect! Now switch to Dina. She’s decorating her outdoor Christmas tree because one of her hairless cats won’t allow her to have an Christmas tree inside because it will destroy the tree. Zzzzz

Why is Dina even on this show? Does anyone enjoy her? No? I know, she’s a boring pain in the ass! If that even makes sense. The Giudices are decorating their Christmas tree and I spot Teresa’s Celine handbag which is at least $3,000- in the distance. How the hell can they afford that handbag? I noticed her Celine handbag because I want one. I love the light blue one like Tre’s but I don’t have it because I’m not a scammer and I can’t afford it. There are so many things I have to pay for that prevents me from getting a Celine bag like Summer and my kids attend private school which takes precedence over things like handbags. Seriously though, how is Tre frontin’ with a $3,000- handbag when she’s bankrupt and about to go to jail for fraud? What the fuc– ever!

Nicole and Dina are meeting for lunch to talk divorce and Zzzzzz….

Why is Dina on this show? Oh right, the money. I love the twins, btw. I even like their parents, but I don’t like Dina, in case that wasn’t obvious, LOL! Amber’s family is having a fire drill. I love Amber. She does a lot of mommy and wife stuff the way that I do and it’s the only way to do it, of course.

Photo: Show 'em Melissa! #RHONJ starts now @ 8/7c!</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Leave your thoughts below for a chance to be featured on a Social Edition ep.” /></p>
<p>Melissa and her family are heading out to the lot of where their new home is being built. It’s an empty lot and I’m already bored. Melissa says her new home will be just like her old home except it will be LA chic. WTF does that mean? She doesn’t know. All Melissa knows is she wants new and wants it in Franklin Lakes, bitches! Joey just told Teresa that he doesn’t know what to do for her situation. He says whatever it is that she needs; he’ll do it. Awweeeeeeee…. The Giudices are in a hot mess; that’s for sure!</p>
<p><img class=

Teressssssa has a gay coming over to decorate one of their restaurants and I’m like Zzzzzzzzz… so far, my favorite twin is Nicole. Rino is taking one of Teresssssa’s kids, Giovanni, to learn all about the restaurant business. I’m sorry, I just had a Bubba Gump flashback for some a second.

Props to Rino because he knows what he’s talking about and he’s the best person for Giovanni to learn from, IMO.

Joey, Melissa, Rosie and company are having dinner for the cousins holiday dinner they organized because everyone is getting along at the present time. Kathy hasn’t talked to Tre in ages because Teresa hates Kathy, naturally. I’ve officially had too much wine since I totally care about this family dinner, LOL! As opposed to my sober self that doesn’t give two shakes.

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Speaking of Jersey, whatever happened to Danielle being on the OWN network tonight with her ‘Where Are They Now?’ special with Oprah? Ha, go figure! … I looked and found the Where Are They Now Special, but no Danielle.

Ep 2: O, Christmas Tre

The Gorga family are exchanging gag gifts for their cousins Christmas dinner party. It’s funny and it’s what Christmas is all about. Kathy gave Tre a dictionary and I’m dying. She just earned her spot back on this show for all I’m concerned, LOL!

Teresssssa and Rino are hosting a family dinner party and Rino is grilling 20 lobster tails for 8 people, LOL! Rino is still trying to teach lil’ Gio to cook which is so sweet! Rino’s toast to Nicole is just so adorable. I think I may start to like him, but probably not.

Maybe it’s a Jersey thing or an Italian thing perhaps, but Rino creeps me out. Anyone else? Bueller, Bueller? I think it’s either his voice, face or eyebrows. It could quite possibly be all three, who knows? I do appreciate his work ethic though.

We’re at the Napolitano weekly family dinner. Nicole mentions that she won’t be living with her parents for very much longer. Her mom loses it for a bit. See, that’s me with my oldest son. He has said since he was 6 that he will live with us forever. I know that he’s only 9 now and will most likely change his mind but of course I tell him that he can stay at our house as long as he wants. Even if we have to pay for private college because it’s the closest to our house, Oh Lordy…

Melissa and Joey meet in a spare bedroom to wrap Christmas gifts for their children together, awwwwe! They’re acting so lame, but it’s cute. Maybe Melissa is drunk because she’s actually endearing, for once. How old is Jesus this Christmas, Melissa? 92? LOL!

All of Jersey is ready to unwrap their Christmas presents. God bless Joe and all of his girls and OMG, the Giudices got a puppy!

It’s the cutest puppy ever and the girls are very excited and are of course fighting over it.

Dina and Lexi are doing some stone throwing bs which is super boring; so…. zzzzzz, moving on!

Nicole and her mom are hanging out on Christmas, drinking mimosas when Nicole’s boyfriend shows up. Nicole doesn’t have custody of her kids this holiday; so she’s a bit bummed. Joey’s stressing out because it has to be 35 degrees apparently to lay the foundation on a house. Their building plans are delayed because of the Jersey winter weather. Melissa hates their leased home; so she’s putting pressure on Joey to complete their new Franklin Lakes home ASAP.

The Giudices are loving their new puppy and Joe and Teresa are trying their hardest to enjoy Christmas instead of stressing about the fate of their fraud case. They will most likely be going away soon. At least Joe will. We’ll find out for sure in September. Joe says it is what it is, but he wishes that it was different for his girls.

What did you all think of tonight’s episode? Sound off in comments, thanks!



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John McEnroe and ex-wife Tatum O’Neal’s son Kevin, 28, is released from custody after being arrested in the middle of drug deal carrying six envelopes of cocaine and more than two dozen prescription pills.

Arrested: Kevin McEnroe, the son of tennis champ John McEnroe and Oscar-winning actress Tatum O'Neal, is pictured leaving Manhattan Criminal court on Wednesday after being caught in a drug deal Tuesday night

  • Kevin McEnroe, 28, was arrested in the middle of a drug deal Tuesday night
  • Cops found him with six envelopes of cocaine and more than a dozen prescription pills
  • He was released without bail after his arraignment Wednesday afternoon, and was pictured trying to cover his face with a coat while leaving court
  • Kevin is the oldest son of tennis champ John McEnroe and Oscar-winning actress Tatum O’Neal
  • O’Neal herself has a history of drug abuse and was arrested in 2008 trying to buy crack cocaine on the Lower East Side

The son of tennis champ John McEnroe and actress Tatum O’Neal was arrested on Tuesday night after cops busted him in the middle of a drug deal in Manhattan’s East Village. 

Police officers stopped Kevin McEnroe, 28, on the corner of East 4th Street and Avenue A at around 11:30pm buying drugs from 22-year-old Niro Meneses. Among the drugs cops found on McEnroe were six bags of cocaine, 20 oxy pills, 10 morphine pills and one anxiety pill, sources told the New York Post.

Kevin was arraigned in court Wednesday on charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance, and released without bail. He was pictured leaving court, trying to cover his face, with neither parent in sight.  

Meneses, who lives on the Upper West Side, was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. 

His mother allegedly called the 9th Precinct station after his arrest. O’Neal herself has admitted to battling drug addition since the age of 14. 

She and McEnroe got divorced in 1994 and four years later he took custody of their children when she fell back into heroin abuse. 

In 2008, O’Neal was arrested on the Lower East Side trying to buy crack cocaine near her apartment.  At the time, she told a judge she planned to kick drugs for good. 

‘I’m going back to my meetings and back to my life,’ O’Neal said then. She plead guilty to disorderly conduct and spent two half-days sessions in drug treatment.

According to his Facebook profile, Kevin attended Trinity School, a $44,000 New York prep school, before attending Skidmore and then Columbia University.

His father won Wimbledon three times and the US Open four times, but was known on the court for his short temper and arguments with tennis umpires. Mother Tatum O’Neal was the youngest person to ever win an Academy Award for her role in Paper Moon at the age of 10.


source: pagesix, dailymail,, knowyourmeme


Phaedra Parks Wants to Split From Apollo…

Phaedra Parks reportedly won’t be sticking around for husband Apollo Nida to serve his eight-year prison sentence.

According to In Touch Weekly, the 41-year-old Real Housewives Of Atlanta star ‘wants to leave him’ after he was convicted of federal bank fraud and identity theft and sentenced to almost a decade in the slammer on July 8.

‘If they never started a family, she would have filed for divorce long ago,’ the publication reports 
an insider as saying. ‘But this is going to push Phaedra to act quickly.’

The entertainment attorney and the 35-year-old personal trainer are parents to two young sons 
- Ayden, three, and Dylan, 14 months – and despite wanting to keep her family together for the 
sake of the children, she’s reportedly had enough of her husband’s criminal activities.

Of course, the couple married on November 1, 2009 – only a short time after Apollo was released from jail having spent six years behind bars for car theft.

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that the troubled reality star, who regularly appeared alongside his 
wife on the hit series, will have to cough up close to $1.9 million in restitution after being convicted 
of cashing stolen checks and laundering more than $2.3 million.

Documents obtained by the website have the figure broken down between six beneficiaries: JP Morgan Chase will get $828,300; the IRS gets $127,011; the State Of Connecticut will be repaid $45,525; the State Of Texas is claiming $39,275; Delta Airlines seeks $24,985; while the State Of California is owed $15,778.

Phaedra Parks reportedly did not attend her husband’s sentencing, though his mother and brother were present in the US District Court in Georgia.

Nida initially faced up to 30 years in prison, but reportedly had his sentence cut after cooperating with federal investigators by revealing important evidence in the case.

Headline News Reporter Tracy Murphy live-tweeted the sentencing as it happened on July 8.

Murphy, who is also a segment producer for HLN’s Now On The Case with Vinnie Politan, informed followers: ‘Breaking news Apollo Nida got 8 years in prison #onthecase #RHOA’.

She then gave an update, saying: ‘RHOA’s @PhaedraParks was not in court for husband Apollo’s sentencing. @yasminv says his mother, brother were there.’

HLN correspondent Yasmin Vossoughian tweeted from the court: ‘His mom and brother spoke in court. He apologized to his family and the court.’

She also added that Nida got the lighter sentencing due to ‘voluntary surrender’. Judge Charles Pannell presided over the case that included identity theft and money laundering.

According to various reports, Nida used the identities he stole from more than 50 people to set up bank accounts in which to launder the money, cashing US Treasury checks as well as checks from the Delta Airlines pension fund and fraudulent US income tax returns.

Rap sheet: Nida has a history of offences, including DUI arrests

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Assistant US Attorney Alana Black detailed the father-of-two’s scheme to Judge Pannell, explaining how he set up a fake debt collection agency in order to gain personal information of the people whose IDs he stole. He then reportedly found unclaimed funds and refunds from the US Department Of Housing and Urban Development and syphoned them into the new bank accounts, which co-conspirator Gayla St Julien reportedly set up and deposited. A fake auto dealership was also established in which Nida set up loans for non-existent vehicles. The sentencing comes after Nida asked the court to lower his Criminal History Category from the more serious V to a IV, RadarOnline reported earlier this week. 

Apollo – who has been plagued with legal trouble since his early 20s – could have got as many as 30 years in prison.

‘A criminal history category of V substantially overstates the seriousness of Mr. Nida’s criminal past, thus warranting a departure from the Guidelines range,’ attorneys from the firm of Chilivis, Cochran, Larkins & Bever LLP stated in court documents filed on Thursday.

His lawyers, however, pointed out that several of Apollo’s offences including driving under the influence, giving a false name to police and three probation revocations all occurred when he was between 19 and 23 years old.

‘Mr. Nida’s lengthy but early small-time criminal history is simply not in the same league as the “violent offenders, drug kingpins and perpetrators of far more serious offenses” that Criminal History Category V was designed to address,’ Apollo’s attorneys went on explain.

Meanwhile, Radar also reports that the star’s 4,687 square foot property was sold for just $2,800 on May 6. However he has hardly taken the biggest loss on the deal, for according to Radar he originally purchased the Atlanta house for a mere $9,000 in 2010.

Court documents showed the Sheriff’s department held the sale to pay towards ‘taxes owed, the interest and penalties on said taxes, and the expenses of the sale, all of which were mature and payable because of failure to pay same interest and penalties on said taxes.’

Apollo showed some remorse at a May court hearing.

‘I take full responsibility for my actions. It was a dumb situation I put myself in,’ he said in court. ‘I got sucked in and engulfed and lost sight of things. It’s my fault at the end of the day.’


source: wetpaint, dailymail, Intouchweekly, tmz, thesavvysistah

Don’t Be Tardy… premiere!

Dont Be Tardy

Don’t Be Tardy will premiere this Thursday, July 17th on Bravo. Since we last heard from the Biermanns; they have added to their family with twin babies, Kaia and Kane. This season, the Biermanns have a new home in Alpharetta and the series will feature Kim giving birth to twins and their crazy life as a family of 8. Will you be tuning in?

Ariana Zolciak, Brielle Zolciak, Kash Biermann, KJ Biermann

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Real Housewives of Orange County “Point Break” RECAP!

Hey everyone! It’s OC Monday! Last week, Tamra and Eddie failed at their robot baby; which made them realize they didn’t want to have children. Vicki reprimanded Tamra for telling Shannon’s marriage business to Heather and the Beadors were in Mexico with Vicki and Brooks. Now that we’re all caught up; let’s dive into tonight’s episode!

Heather Dubrow

Brooks, Vicki, Terry and Heather are having dinner together. Of course the conversation steers to Shannon. Vicki tells Heather that Shannon was upset that Heather told the whole world about the Beador’s divorce email. Heather’s such a bitch. Her response was, “The whole world? I don’t know the world.” I think they call that avoiding the issue, Heather! She’s guilty and she knows it and Shannon’s right; Heather does spin everything.

Lizzie’s parents are renovating their house on Laguna Beach and they put Christian in charge of managing the project. Lizzie tells us that her parents bought the house in the 90s and they spend half the year at the beach house and the other half at their home in Kentucky. Sounds lovely!

Tamra is visiting Vicki at work, again. They’re complaining about going to the restroom and it being a waste of their time. Really? Yes, really.

Lizzie and Christian are preparing the beach house for their dinner party. It’s decorated beautifully! David and Shannon are on their way to Lizzie’s dinner party. Shannon tells David that Tamra told her that the Dubrows have said on a few occasions that they want to take the Beadors down. Oh LOL, this should be good! There are fire dancers on the beach to perform for the dinner party.

I love fire dancers! Of course Tamra has to ruin it though by announcing to everyone that she bets one of the fire dancers likes to swallow. Does she kiss her kids with that mouth? She’s inappropriate and trashy. Why is she even on this show? I know I say that at least once a week, but really!

Oh great, the take down pow wow has just started. Shannon takes Tamra to the side to confirm that she relayed the take the Beadors down convo correctly before she confronts the Dubrows. Tamra denies everything. Read my lips, she did not witness a take the Beadors down conversation from the Dubrows! So she claims anyway… If someone told me that they wanted to take me down. I would first laugh then probably ask them if they were serious, then proceed to take off my shoes and jewelry and tell them to bust a move! I’d really love it if Heather told me that she wanted to take me down. Ok, now I’m all riled up, sorry about that.

Tamra is shitting bricks right now because this is the second time this season that she’s been busted for running her mouth. Then last season with the whole evil eye thing… sorry, I couldn’t resist. :-) Heather’s such a bitch though. How does she have any friends? She probably doesn’t.

Christian and his toast are so adorable. He’s like my brother in law when he says grace. There are a lot of “ums” in there and repeats himself over and over. It’s hilarious! Tamra’s ice breaker is so dumb. Like who really cares? OMG, Brooks quit it, just quit! Everyone is talking over everyone about 112 different things. Wtf is going on? We need a moderator, but not Tamra or Heather! Now Tamra is talking to the Dubrows about Shannon and they’re all sitting at the same table. How classy. For the record, Shannon never yelled at Heather at her Christmas party. She just set her straight. Big difference! Heather’s a bitch, a whiny bitch. Have I mentioned that yet? I’m with Lizzie on this one. Tamra is so lying! Can we vote her off the island already? I’m now feeling sorry for Shannon. It appears that Heather is taking her down and Shannon has no dog in this fight. It’s unbelievable! Shannon needs to tag Vicki in for some back up. But Vicki’s too busy making out with Brooks at the dinner table. Ew

Ok now things are getting weird between David and Terry. I wish one would just punch the other and get it over with, but that would not be civilized so they’re just arguing over the table. I do admire how David is speaking up for Shannon. That’s very sweet to see. I like them as a couple. Terry on the other hand is looking quite douchey.

Now Tamra of all people yells out, “Who cares anyway?” Um, obviously she does seeing how she spreads everyone’s business all over the OC. LOL at Vicki telling Eddie that he knew what he was getting into when he got with Tamra. All he could think to do was flip her off. Very mature, Eddie.

Tamra’s boobs look weird and so does Heather’s face. Also, Tamra’s wasted. I wonder if Heather wagged her finger enough in Shannon’s face if Heather will eventually lose her balance and fall off the balcony. Ok, that was mean, never mind.

Shannon has finally had enough of Heather’s high and mighty self and exits stage left. I don’t blame her! How is all this crap fun? It isn’t! I would’ve left too!

Lizzie says that if Tamra wouldn’t have brought up the whole Dubrows wanting to take the Beadors down then her dinner party would’ve been nice. She’s totally right!

Next week on the Real Housewives of Orange County…

Heather wants to call an ambulance for Shannon because she feels that Shannon’s having a breakdown. Oh puhleeeeze! And Tamra cries because she just found out that she’s gonna be a grandma, Ha Ha!


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