Brandi Glanville of RHoBH: Her friends are worried… She is out of control!

Brandi Glanville‘s drunk antics on Monday night has left the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star embarrassed. Friends close to the single mother are saying that this is no laughing matter.

In fact, friends are not only concerned for the reality TV star, but they’re worried she’s on a dangerous downward spiral.

“Brandi has a lot going on right now, and anyone close to her and really knows her well, knows that Monday night wasn’t funny at all,” a source close to the reality star shared.

“We’re all seriously concerned for her right now. It’s bad. Something like Monday night can’t happen again.”

According to the source, if Brandi continues on this downward spiral things will end badly.

“She’s an amazing mother and is hardworking with a successful career, so we just don’t want her small demons to take her down,”

Brandi was out in West Hollywood on Monday night at The London hotel with two of her guy friends and got so intoxicated that she was snapped sloppy drunk with her breasts falling out of her dress and flashing her thong through her dress while not being able to walk.

“Brandi likes to have fun, but there’s more going on and it’s something her friends are hoping to help her through,” her friend shared.

“She’s lucky to have friends that care so deeply for her and we just hope she comes out of this okay, before it’s too late.”


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