Real Housewives of N.J. Recap: When Joes Collide


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BravoTV has been hyping the brawl between Joe Guidice and Joe Gorga, so will we actually see it go down or will this whole episode be a tease to watch next week?  Let’s find out.

The kids are adorable, so it’s always nice to see them playing and having fun with their parents, a rare high point in the show.  Melissa and Joe’s kids are busting a move as Joe yells out that a stripper’s in the house.  That’s kind of bizarre and unsettling, I’ve got to be honest.  It’s not what went on in my household.  How about yours?  The kids are cute and have started packing their bags, only to find out it’s going to be an adults-only retreat.  Antonia is sweet and has packed The Bible.  Let’s hope someone brought it with them.

Teresa’s and Joe’s daughters are so funny.  Milania has so much energy.  I think if I drank a 24-pack of Red Bull and three gallons of coffee, I still couldn’t match her.  Milania packs herself into a suitcase and is equally disappointed that it will be adults-only.  Joe walks in tired, but finally gives in to the request to play Monster with the girls.  Too cute!

RHONJ two joes collide AHeading to the retreat wouldn’t be the same without mismatched luggage.

The Wakiles, Gorgas, and Rosie will be heading to the retreat in a charter bus that they call a party bus.  This ain’t no party bus.  Sadly, everyone except Rosie is making fun of Teresa’s and Joe’s marriage and the sentiment of the retreat.  Rosie is visibly hurting that her family doesn’t get along, much like her mother would get upset and try to stop badmouthing of family in her presence.  I like a sober Rosie much more than a drunk Rosie.

Caroline and Al are skipping the retreat–smart move.  They spend some time at a place sentimental to Al that reminds him of his father.  Chris stops by home over lunch for a snack and visit with Jacqueline and Nicholas.  Santino, their dog, is pooping on the deck and Jacqueline thinks it’s because he’s jealous of Nic receiving so much attention.  The cold winter weather couldn’t possibly have anything to do with him wanting to poop on the deck and run back inside, could it?

Teresa and Joe arrive first and get settled in the beautiful inn.  The rest of the group arrives and seems standoffish.  When Teresa asks when Caroline and Jacqueline are arriving, the subject of Jacqueline tweeting about Teresa being a moron comes up when she finds out they’re not coming.  Things are not getting off to a good start.  What a surprise.

RHONJ two joes collide BCalm before the storm.

The group is waiting for team builders to arrive to put them back together, much like putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.  There’s lots of tensions and snarky comments back and forth, except for Rosie telling them to wait for the team builders before they get into it.

Joe Gorga and Richie Wakile go for a drink and Joe talks about a burning sensation he gets when he thinks about his sister, something to that effect.  It was too weird to listen and my ears were doing their best to shut it out, but there was definitely something about sister and burning sensation.  I don’t want to know any more.

The team builders are finally in the castle and Rosie is excitied!  Steven and Stephanie are a couple that obviously don’t watch BravoTV.  They have no idea what they’re in for.  They decline the offer of an alcoholic beverage.  Me thinks this group doesn’t really get what team building is about.

RHONJ two joes collide CWe’re Steven and Stephanie, and we’ll be your team builders this weekend.

The first game is a musical chairs/Twister combo, and everyone survives with all of their limbs intact.  No team builders were killed in this exercise, either.  Things are going better than I expected.  Thumb wrestling goes well, too.  The group hits a bump when Steven brings up loyalty.  He thinks conflict can be good if it brings solutions, and he wants solutions.  He has better odds of winning the Powerball…twice.

Rosie and Joe Gorga leave for a drink when all of the loyalty is being discussed.  Things get heated quickly, finally getting out of control when Teresa and Melissa start screaming over each other.  Melissa falls on her knees and Teresa thinks it’s just to garner sympathy for her being the victim.  It gets extremely sad when Joe Gorga calls his sister scum and she storms out to leave.

RHONJ two joes collide DJoe and Rosie enjoying some fresh air before all hell breaks loose.

When Joe Guidice hears that his brother-in-law called his wife scum, he goes in to tell him to apologize.  He told Rosie that he promised Teresa’s father that he wouldn’t beat up Joe Gorga, so will he keep his promise?  As soon as Joe Guidice walks in telling him to apologize, Joe Gorga rushes him to knock him down.  Joe Guidice is still standing and throws him off of him.

Joe Gorga started this fight when he charged Joe Guidice.  Of course, the episode ends right there with the same scene from the previews.  I guess viewers will need to wait another week to see what happens next.

RHONJ two joes collide EThe two Joes collide.

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3 thoughts on “Real Housewives of N.J. Recap: When Joes Collide

  1. This episode was a let down and a waste of time. Of course we knew Bravo wouldn’t show the entire fight with the Joes. They knew they could get us all excited just to make us tune in next week. It’s all about ratings! What I liked about this episode was Rosie. She really wants her family to get along. Joe Gorga made it known that he wasn’t going to try to make up or even talk to the Giudices. He’s such a moron! Why did he even go? He could’ve gone to the park with Caroline and Al. Until next week, I guess. I’m kind of hoping everyone gets in a huge brawl. Something! I really liked your recap. I just heard about your blog on twitter. I really like it!


    • Hi RHfan. We’re glad you found us, and hope you’ll join us as we tweet live during the HW shows.

      It was disappointing, I thought, to not see any more than what was on the preview clip. A lot of viewers are going to start tuning out if that’s what they start doing every episode. xx


  2. Hi stopdropgossip! I agree, Bravo only showing the same footage that we had already viewed on their teaser clips sucked! Ugh, now I’ll have to wait until Sunday to see anything new. I hope they get their family feud figured out soon. I like the Nj show, but enough is enough with all the fights. I feel bad for Teresa and Joe’s parents. I really do!


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