Real Housewives of O.C. Recap: Hold Your Tongue

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The ladies of the O.C. are visiting Whistler, BC Canada, on a trip organized by Lydia.  Lauri and Vicki have already started clashing once Vicki found out that Lauri has been telling ladies behind her back of a threesome, which Vicki adamantly denies.  It has brought Tamra and Vicki closer as they renew their friendship while discussing the rumors.

In another room, Lydia and Alexis are chatting about the trip, and Alexis is thrilled that she is not at the center of the drama and fighting for a change.  Lauri stops by their room to see if she’s still invited for dinner after the fallout with Vicki.  Lydia assures her that she’s welcome to the viper pit.

RHOOC Recap Picture BAlexis is happy to not be at the center of the drama.

During dinner, Vicki and Lauri immediately start snarking back and forth about Lauri going to Gretchen to tell her about the threesome which might or might not be true.  Lauri is still fuming over an email that her husband’s ex-mother-in-law sent to Vicki several years ago that she shared with Jeanna.  Jeanna is the one that went around gossiping about it, so why isn’t she going on and on about Jeanna?

Gretchen is fuming herself, over the fact that Tamra and Vicki are becoming friends again.  After all of the other ladies leave the table, Gretchen starts in on Tamra.  Tamra feels like she’s caught Gretchen lying about being on Heather’s show and other things.  Tamra is seeing the old Gretchen she knew and despised.

The next morning, everyone is refreshed and heading off the ride snowmobiles with their guide, Josh.  Vicki shows off and is the first to fall.  Alexis is right that the snowmobiles are so loud, it will drown out all of the bickering.  Too bad the snowmobiles couldn’t have blocked the viewers from seeing a couple of the ladies peeing in the snow.

RHOOC Recap Picture DWhy, Bravo, why?

That evening, Tamra and Heather talk on the phone.  Heather is loving her acting jobs.  She is shocked to hear that Gretchen is pissed about being caught in a lie about being offered a job on Heather’s show.

Their dining room is outside of the world’s coldest vodka tasting room, at -26 degrees C.  They ultimately put on heavy coats that make Lydia think she’s super sexy and head into the room for some shots of vodka.  On a dare, Tamra sticks her tongue on the ice wall and as everyone knows will happen and she’s warned, it gets stuck.  Duh.

RHOOC Recap Picture FLydia’s idea of sexy.

Back at the Dubrow home, Heather returns home to a happy family, and she is loving how supportive Terry has become.  They get a call from Tamra about her “medical emergency” which prompts some laughter, with Terry saying he’s sure it’s not the first time she’s left DNA behind on a wall.

The trip comes to a sweet end with liquid nitrogen ice cream made table-side.

Next week, prepare to stuff your ears as Gretchen auto-tunes another song, and confrontations between Alexis and Gretchen and Vicki and Brooks.

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2 thoughts on “Real Housewives of O.C. Recap: Hold Your Tongue

  1. What a silly episode, right? From peeing in the snow, licking an ice wall and Lydia thinking she’s sexy in that huge jacket; I was rolling laughing! Thanks for the wonderful recap! I like how you just talk about the show without taking nasty digs at the ladies or telling personal stories. I can’t stand recaps like that! What’s Laurie on the show for anyway? Doesn’t she have a lot of children to tend to? I agree with you, she should take her wrath to Jeana? It doesn’t make any sense! =)


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