Million Dollar Listing New York recap: Harlem Shake


This week’s episode begins with a scene from Fredrik’s open house and him telling Ryan that the units at 250 Bowery had a 30% price increase. Ryan’s not happy because he had already told his buyers the old pricing so now he has to go back and let them know he gave them the wrong information and the price is actually a lot higher. Ryan got all up in Fredrik’s grill about it and security escorted him out.

may june july 055

I got this, y’all!

Luis says he learned from Fredrik last week that the money is in new development projects. He meets with investors, Ruben and Rachel for a development opportunity in Harlem. They are having difficulty finding the space to build the size of units they want in that area. Luis explains to them that they might have trouble selling their million dollar development in Harlem.

may june july 056

Ryan calls his buyer, John who was interested in a unit at 250 Bowery and informs him about the price increase. He basically wants John to consider other properties so he doesn’t have to work with Fredrik.

In the meantime Fredrik is driving to meet brokers that he has sold Bowery units to deliver the buyer deal sheets. He handed out 8 deals which had a commission in the $50,000 to $81,000 dollars range per unit for Fredrik. Not bad for a day’s work.

may june july 090

Ching, ching!

Luis is taking his investors, Ruben and Rachel to see properties in Harlem. Rachel hates all of them and won’t even get out of the car. Rachel throws it in Luis’ face that he promised her fantastic properties and those aren’t fantastic nor do they reflect her luxe taste. Luis convinces her to look north of Harlem and consider properties in the 128th Street area instead.

Ryan’s boss urged him to take a co-listing property which he usually tries to stay away from. Since the co-list broker promised to do all of the leg work and he was game for that. Should be win, win right? The seller of the property on 49th street wants $17 million for her property. Ryan suggests $15 mil because their property is staged like Austin Powers 1991 and they will need to get a designer to stage it and the seller immediately agrees and is on board. Jill, the co-list broker lets the seller know that they will cover the $40,000 staging fee which is unheard of.

austin powers

Groovy, baby… yeah!

Fredrik is making calls to the 900 prospects for Bowery to inform them of the price increase and to get the remaining 16 units sold. It’s not going very well. No one is biting. Fredrik’s team throw out a few ideas but he’s not having it. He tells them to stick with the plan – don’t sleep – sell!

Ryan arrives to his co-list property expecting to see it beautifully staged. Jill informs him their decorator and artist bailed on the project. Ryan’s head is about to explode at the fact that Jill didn’t secure a contract for the staging. All Jill is worried about is her unruly bra. Hey, maybe her funbags can decorate. Stranger things have happened and Ryan does need a miracle. Ryan decides to call in a favor to a designer he regularly uses and calls movers to clear out the property. Once the designer arrives, Jill throws out her design ideas and tells them she feels like she’s in labor and about to give birth. She’s not even pregnant, but whatever lady.

may june july 060

I’m not crying… it’s my contacts!

Luis brings his investors to see two properties that are side by side in hopes to demo and make it one unit. Ruben is very excited about it. He says it’s a shit hole and it’s perfect. If only his wife were that easy to please. Luis negotiates with the broker for the properties and tries to get an adjustment on the price so Ruben and Rachel won’t have to pay the mansion tax. The smaller unit was priced at $750,000 and the large one at $1.2 million. The broker said as long as the final price is around $1.8 million then they have a deal. Fantastic!

Cut to Fredrik and his finance, Derek. They are getting ballroom dance lessons to be ready for the first dance at their upcoming wedding. It’s not going very well. Freddie can’t dance. He suggests they dance a silly jig instead. Derek doesn’t go for it.

may june july 074

No Fredrik, we are NOT doing the Harlem Shake!

Ryan’s buyer for the Bowery property calls and tells him he wants a one bedroom and will pay whatever it takes. Ryan’s assistant informs him that no preparations have been made for their open house for the 49th street property. That was Jill’s department to plan. More bad news… Jill is on a train to Connecticut for a medical emergency and hasn’t worked on their listing at all. Maybe she is about to give birth after all to her fake baby. Ryan calls her to find out what’s going on. His call goes straight to voice mail. So much for Jill doing all the work. Ryan calls Fredrik to let him know he has a buyer for Bowery. Fredrik gives him an incredible hard time but eventually agrees to a meeting.

Luis joins his investors for dinner and presents a contract for the properties on 128th street for $950,000 each. Rachel jumps on it. She’s finally happy – fantastic!

may june july 064


Ryan meets Fredrik at his office and isn’t very excited about it. Fredrik decides to present him with the most expensive one bedroom at Bowery just to screw with Ryan. The offer is $1.175 million plus closing costs. Ryan tells him it’s a stupid price and Fredrik makes a jab at Ryan that he’s just unhappy because he’s not as successful as Fredrik. Ouch! Ryan agrees to the price and signs the deal then decides to give Fredrik a piece of his mind. He tells him that he hates looking at his face and being at his office because only rats work there. Ok, that went well.

Tune in next week as Jill is back from giving birth, or bra shopping… maybe she was curing cancer. Who knows? Also Fredrik and Derek’s destination wedding! See you then!


4 thoughts on “Million Dollar Listing New York recap: Harlem Shake

  1. LOVE your recap, it’s hilarious! I’m so glad somebody else enjoys this show as much as I do. I will be back to enjoy more recaps. Thank you for some good laughs, I needed them today.


  2. Great recap. That realtor that opened her mouth offering to pay for the staging was a whacko. Why would he ever agree to co-list with her?

    I don’t think I could hang out for very long with any of the people on this show. They are so driven by money.


    • Hi Lady Diva!
      Jill that co-list broker was a joke! They showed clips for next week and she didn’t appear to have a rash or any evidence of skin irritation. I think it’s terrible how she walked out on Ryan and left him to do everything. Hopefully she won’t get her half of the commission because she certainly doesn’t deserve it.


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