Million Dollar Listing NY Recap: Do You, Fredrik Take This Building?


This week’s episode opens with Fredrik and Derek planning their wedding weekend attire. Fredrik wants them to go commando under their wedding suits. Derek thinks he’s joking he tells Fredrik that he’s not wanting their gay wedding to be all gay. Fredrik is super excited to marry Derek aaaand Freddie’s back on the phone. 250 Bowery isn’t going to sell itself! Derek reminds Fredrik that they have vows to write and their adorable dachshunds seem to agree.


Damn, we’re hot!

Ryan is right on time to meet his co-listing agent, Jill to go over their 49th street property open house and she’s late. Of course… wonder what her excuse is this time. When Jill finally arrives, Ryan shares with her that he is eff’n stressed so she decides to offer him up a foot rub. Is Jill really a real estate broker? She doesn’t seem to act like one; just curious. Ryan informs Jill that only 7 buyers have shown interest in their listing; usually it’s closer to 200. Instead of freaking out she asks Ryan if she has lipstick on her teeth. Ryan says in his talking head that he no longer thinks Jill is hot.


Don’t try and front like you don’t want this!

Luis is getting his routine shoe shine while he works his magic on the phone. He takes a call about an offer to work with a “starchitect” – that’s fantastic because Luis is a “shampion” so they should knock that deal out no problem!

Fredrik and Derek rented an island off the Florida keys and have paid around $500,000 for their destination wedding weekend. Derek tells Fredrik that their island is a no phone zone for the next 48 hours. Fredrik asks him what should he do about his deals? He had already missed over 100 emails just in the time it took them to take a water taxi from the main land to their island. Derek said their wedding is their biggest deal. Touche


We have our own island!

Luis wants to split broker costs 50/50 with his new co-list broker and that includes staging. Their commission will be $97,500 for this property. Hence why he got those shoes shined. The shampion gotta look good!


The shampion shines shoes by the seashore.

Fredrik and Derek are getting their photo taken at the beach. Then go have dinner with family and friends at their private villa. Talk soon turns to babies. Derek and Fredrik share with the group that they have contacted surrogates to hopefully get the ball rolling on a baby soon. Awe! Later, Derek and his best man were discussing how stressed out Fredrik is and how he should be enjoying the weekend. Then Fredrik is shown on his phone freaking out about how he’s going to sell the remaining units at Bowery. The developer has been pushing him to close it out quickly. Derek and Fredrik get into an argument about Fredrik being on the phone for work, again. Derek lays down the law then throws Fredrik’s phone in the ocean. Ok, that’s one way to solve the problem.

Ryan wants to know why the hell his 49th street property was staged like the bedding department at the mall including mannequins everywhere. He calls Jill and gets her voice mail, of course. The buyer isn’t pleased, naturally. Who wants to look at a property full of beds and mannequins? Oh, here’s Jill! Turns out that she rented their co-listing to a bedding manufacturer. She figures they might as well make some money while trying to sell it. Ryan’s head explodes, he walks out on Jill and quits their listing.


What time is it? It’s I’m going outta my mind:30!

Fredrik shares with his father that Derek is mad at him for working on their wedding weekend. His father agrees with Derek and tells Fredrik work can always wait for their happy wedding weekend fun. Yay, phone in the ocean! Let’s party! The episode ends with their beautiful wedding ceremony. Yes, I cried.


Congratulations Fredrik and Derek!

See you here next week for the finale! Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Million Dollar Listing NY Recap: Do You, Fredrik Take This Building?

    • Thanks Lady Diva! I thought Fredrik and Derek’s wedding was very sweet and beautiful. They’re a great couple. I can’t believe their season is ending already. On to Million Dollar Listing LA! 🙂 ~GG


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