Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap! “On the Giud-ice”


This episode begins with Dr. V talking to Teresa and her brother, Joey. He gives Teresa a kiss and they cry it out. Dr. V encourages them to communicate often and hang out more just the two of them. Teresa says she loves Melissa and wants to get along so they can hang out too. Melissa claims she’s upset because Teresa takes no ownership in her part of their feud. Caroline does an eye roll in her talking head about that statement. She says Melissa is just as responsible as Teresa and she needs to realize that. Melissa is skeptical of Dr. V and says Teresa has probably blamed Melissa for breaking up her and her brother.


I’m over it… really!

Joey urges Teresa to keep her guard down and be nice like she has been with him during their therapy session with Dr. V when she talks with Melissa. He says just be honest and Teresa agrees. Melissa shoots down Dr. V’s idea of having Joey and Teresa to hang out more. She says that’s a nice temporary solution but soon she’ll go back to gossiping with her friends and talking negatively about Melissa. Teresa tells them she will stop hanging out with Kim D if that will make her feel better because she loves Melissa and she wants to make it work with her. Melissa has a total ‘tude and isn’t being very open. She just wants to bring up the past and question Teresa. She asks Teresa how she ended up at dinner with her best friend, Jan. Dr. V suggests they confront Jan together to get answers for Melissa and then hopefully she can let it all go with Teresa. Melissa says it doesn’t matter if they confront Jan or if Teresa ends her friendship with Kim D because the seeds have already been planted of all the bad rumors they spread about Melissa. The damage is done. Joey asks Teresa if she can admit to hurting them. Teresa says yes, she was wrong and she apologizes. Joey accepts and says that’s it. He’s all good with Teresa again, I think… Melissa tells Dr. V that if she’s asked to forgive then she will. Dr. V tells her that’s bs and she should forgive Teresa because she wants to not because anyone asks her to. Teresa gives Melissa a hug, tells her she loves her and asks her to meet her halfway. Melissa says, “Well I’m here, aren’t I?”  Ok…


Love, love, love!

Enter Juicy… he tells Dr. V that Joey probably charged him because he’s intimidated by him. Juicy says he was just defending his wife when Joey attacked him. Dr. V asks Juicy what his issue is with Joey. Juicy tells them he has no problem with Joey, he doesn’t hate him he just wants him to stop calling Teresa names. That’s it! Dr. V gets Juicy to apologize to Joey and Joey asks for him to apologize to Melissa. He does and all is happy in Jersey, especially Teresa! After that breakthrough I think Dr. V deserves a drink or two.


Dr. V leaves and Kathy is pissed because she didn’t get to have a therapy session with Teresa. Kathy asks Teresa to apologize for the bad things she said about Kathy’s father. Then she was surprised when Teresa admits she was wrong and tells her she’s sorry. Go figure…


Are you kidding me?

Melissa, Kathy and Teresa decide to cook while Rosie, Richie and the Joes go ice fishing. Well, Kathy and Teresa cook while Melissa drinks and Caroline rests. Caroline calls Jacqueline to fill her in on Juicy and Joey’s fight and shares with her that Teresa called her to come up there to help her family. Jac tells Caroline to be careful because Teresa asked her to help her family once and it ended their friendship.


Got Buddha?

Juicy, Joey, Rosie and Richie are ice fishing. Talk about fish outta water! Juicy and Joey are talking things out and Rosie’s getting nervous something might pop off again. Joey tells Juicy to quit being a hard ass all the time and chill. Juicy asks him if he’s going to start crying again and basically tells him to shut up and fish. Then Richie tells Rosie she has an afro down there in her lady zone. Well, that’s one way to break the ice.

The girls are still cooking aaaand Melissa’s still drinking. She says drinking and cooking is the ticket to life and shoves a drink in Teresa’s face. Hey, I agree with her. Cheers to all! Melissa talks about drinking all night. How it’s ok for her to be drinking because her kids aren’t there and she’s not driving anywhere. Then she starts flirting with Rosie and that was uncomfortable to watch. I was with her on the drinking but she lost me on the hitting on the lesbo part. Everyone is getting along at dinner. They discuss the Giudices making up with the Lauritas. Juicy wants that feud squashed because he really misses hanging out with Chris. Cut to Jac and Chris having dinner. He orders Linguine with white clam sauce and I thought that was a fake dish created for the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but apparently not!


Is he giving us the evil eye?

Rosie suggests they play the trust game. Fall back on your partner and they catch you. Ok now Melissa is drunk like f’ed up drunk and it’s her turn to catch Juicy. Melissa tries to talk Juicy into trusting her. She tells him she has big, strong “muskles” and then calls him a pussy. Wow, “vocka” makes Melissa feisty!


Did I say that out loud? My bad

Jac tells Chris that she’s not interested in making up with Teresa. Caroline asks Teresa to forgive Jac and Teresa agrees to try to work it out with her. Juicy talks with Teresa about forgiving and forgetting all the beef she had with Jac too and wants them to be friends again. She tells Juicy that she’ll do it.


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Check back in with us next week. We’ll see if the Gorga/Giudice feud is really over and if Teresa and Jacqueline will actually make up. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap! “On the Giud-ice”

  1. Your recaps rock, Gossip Girl! Hilarious, and I love your captions. I didn’t get to see it, so I am thrilled to find some awesome recaps online to find out what happened.

    Can you imagine this feud ever ending? I don’t see it happening, these people are so crazy!


  2. Awe thanks, Lady Diva! There’s a lot of material to work with on the Jersey people! I really like Dr. V. She set them straight real quick! I liked Caroline on this episode too. Her and Teresa seem to be getting close again. Happy times!


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