Million Dollar Listing New York Recap! “A Shark is Born”


This week’s episode begins with Fredrik and Derek meeting the developer of 250 Bowery, Zach for drinks. He asks how married life is going for them and then Fredrik informs Zach that the last contract at 250 Bowery had been signed. The building is finally sold out! Married man Freddie is a lean, mean selling machine. Let’s kick!

Ryan’s brother, Jack is in town from Boston to help Ryan move. Ryan says he’s made a lot of money this year and it’s time to upgrade. Ryan shares with Jack about how he really wants to get revenge on Fredrik because he screwed him over on a Bowery unit for his client. In turn, Ryan’s client decided to just stay in his apartment which equals $0 for Ryan. He asked his brother what he thinks he should do to get even with Fredrik. Jack advises him to get over it. Ryan disagrees aaaaand they start play fighting. Ah, brothers!

Luis has a co-listing with Jason at 165 Charles Street in the West Village. The property was just staged and now it’s ready for an open house. Luis hired some sexy singles to help sell the property.


This place has pizzazz! Like me!

Fredrik is on his way to his new listing at a Trump property, Trump SoHo. It’s a 46 story building with all the amenities of a 5 star hotel. The unit he is to sell is decorated in Fendi furnishings and has an amazing view off the corner bedroom. The unit is listed at $1.65 million. It’s a condo/hotel meaning when you leave town they rent out your unit and the money goes to the owner. Not Trump! They’re going to let Fredrik sell one unit to see how he does. If he does well then they will possibly offer him more units in the building to sell as well. Fredrik’s not happy. He says he can sell one apartment in an hour. There are a total of about 200 units up for sale in Trump SoHo. Total commission $50 million.


I’m sexy and I know it!

Ryan’s property is off 62nd street in the upper West side. Todd, the owner of the property takes Ryan on a tour. The apartment looks like a Catholic church threw up in it. Ryan asks if they’re religious. The owner says no, not at all but his wife loves gothic revival. They even have a confessional in their home. I mean really? Ryan tells the seller he needs to price it at $3.95 million because the other brokers he had over the years priced it way too high and because of the (cough) decor/customizations they needed to lower the price. Commission for Ryan $118,500. Still a tough sell though unless my priest is planning on moving to New York and has a ton of cashola… which he isn’t and he doesn’t.

Fredrik is all set to meet The Donald. The Donald tells Fredrik that Trump SoHo is a wonderful property and an easy sell and to do well or he’s fired. No pressure… Fredrik has a broker’s open on the top floor of Trump SoHo to get the buzz going then he plans to take them down to the unit he’s selling for the hard close.


I cash Trump checks, y’all!

A broker asks where their belonging would go when the unit gets rented. That’s a great question! Where does it go? No thanks, no sale! Fyi, they move your crap to a storage unit.

Luis is having a private showing for his listing because out of the 50 people that showed interest, just one was actually serious and that’s Sergio. The potential buyer likes everything about the property. The fixtures, the art… his daughter on the other hand hates it and is very vocal about it. Pobrecito, Luis! Oh no, the daughter of the potential buyer just said the art work in the apartment would look better on a blanket other than as a painting.



The daughter that is probably high school age, is pissed about the staging and just can’t get it through her head that it’s just staging and none of her business. Even as she’s leaving the property the daughter is saying how much she hates the furniture. Ay dios mio! says all of New York. Luis decided to have pizza delivered for the little opinionated daughter in efforts to keep her trap shut. Now senorita hija can’t hate anything out loud because she has a mouth full. Rick, the architect for Sergio the buyer has just arrived to size the place up. The architect says the property needs $50,000 worth of a renovation to get it ready to sell because Sergio wants a third bedroom. Luis says what usually happens is the buyer wants the renovation price deducted from the final sell price and I’m sure Sergio’s lovely little princess will demand it.

Fredrik is meeting Gaviel, the Director of Aquisitions for Trump SoHo at the restaurant Koi which is in the condo/hotel. Fredrik has a cash offer of $1.3 million. Gaviel says no go… has to be $1.6 or nada and adios Fredrik. He calls his buyer, Andreas to try to get his price up. Andreas says $1.6 million is b.s. and his final offer is $1.450 mil. Freddie is sweating it!


Did I just pass out or did Trump fire me?

Ryan is getting organized for the open house at 62nd street and wants 8 underwear models to help market it as a sexy apartment. He also wants Fredrik there too something about an eye for an eye… uh, oh! I’m excited to see how this turns out, I think!


Fredrik is going to be so jelly when he sees my funky fresh pink scooter!

Fredrik is dealing with Gaviel and he’s tough! He said no to the $1.450 mil offer and countered with $1.5 or no deal! Oh mama, Andreas is going to be pissed, right? Nope, they have a deal! $35,000 commission for Freddie!

Ryan’s still getting open house ready. Underwear models, check! Now to get Fredrik to attend. Yep, he’s a lock too… this shall be interesante! Ryan can’t believe Fredrik showed up. Now let’s see what this eye for an eye bit is all about. Oh snap, is Ryan about to show Fredrik’s porno at his open house? Nope, Ryan played a bogus old school cartoon instead of Freddie’s porno, but he did have Fredrik shaking in his boots at the thought of humiliating him by showing it. Oh Ryan, you sly dog! Fredrik runs out to change his pants, probably. Just a little lesson in integrity courtesy of Ryan… classic! Fredrik was deeply hurt though. He says he only did pornos for a week like 11 years ago and it still haunts him. Hey, don’t hate the playa, hate the game!

Luis is playing hardball and wants $5.9 million. He calls his co-list agent, Jason and asks him to present the seller with the offer while he keeps Sergio on ice. Luis tells his buyer that the offer is $6.1 and that’s final. Sergio tries to haggle to $6 mil, but no, Luis got the $6.1 million like a “shampion”! What, what?! Now enter Luis’ brother, Daniel and heeeeey! lol, he’s a cutie too! Just say’n! These guys… travieso doble!

Fredrik says the humiliating experience he had at Ryan’s open house has him thinking about Luis and how he did him wrong. He wants to fix things with Luis and apologizes. Luis forgives Fredrik, of course and accepts his apology. Felicidades!


oye mamitas!

The show ends with a re-play of scenes throughout the season. This was the finale and it was a very entertaining season! As always, thanks for reading!


Our beautiful Lady Liberty and her view


sunset in the West Village of NYC


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