Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Recap: Unfinished Business


Million Dollar Listing LA is back, baby! The season opens with Josh Altman recapping why everyone hates him and says he is his only competition. On to Josh Flagg, he says he made a lot of money even though the market crashed. Now that it bounced back he’s back at $2 million a year. Him and his boyfriend Colton bought a property to flip. Josh Altman visits one of his buyers that he sold to six months ago. The property is Sierra Mar and Josh’s client bought it for $6 million. Josh A. thinks he can sell that property now for $8 million with the market being a lot better. Josh A. urges Art, his client at Sierra Mar to sell even though he just moved in and loves the place. The listing price is $7.895 mil with $236,850 commission for Josh.


Why you gotta sell our crib, man?

Madison has a new listing for a hockey player in Malibu. The guy’s name is Sheldon something… I don’t follow hockey, but he is cute! He has to sell his Malibu home because he got transferred to another team far away from Malibu. Madison is just as smitten with Sheldon as I am and is having a hard time focusing during their meeting because of Sheldon’s handsome face. It’s an awesome property so I’m sure Madison will have no problem finding a buyer.


Sheldon’s Malibu home

Josh Flagg’s grandmother calls him because she needs a lightbulb changed in her chandelier. She’s 93 and Josh F. will do anything for his beloved grandma, Edith. Apparently she keeps her light bulbs and many other things stored in her bra. Why didn’t I think of that? Josh F. discusses with his grandmother his next listing. She says whatever it is, don’t aggravate your seller. Men like money, but don’t enjoy being aggravated. Then she tells him to make sure to cover his stomach when he goes to his meeting with his seller. Wise lady!


Kiss the ring

Madison is going to meet Sheldon who’s renting in Newport Beach. They agree to sell the Malibu home for $3.994 million which is a $119,850 commission for Madison. At the end of their meeting Madison tells Sheldon that he has to come see him play. Sheldon says if he does a good job on selling his house then he’ll get his tickets.

Josh Altman is setting up for a broker’s open for Art’s house. He says it requires no work because the property sells itself. All he needs to do is justify to all the brokers why it costs $2 mil more than the last time he sold it six months ago. Ooh, Jonathan Ruiz is there! He’s cute too and is the guy that Brandi Glanville had sex with at Kyle Richards’ white party. Allegedly… Excuse me for bringing RHoBH gossip to this recap. lol! But anyway, that Jonathan Ruiz guy kind of looks like Sheldon, doesn’t he? Doesn’t matter…


I didn’t have sex with Brandi! Not at Kyle’s anyway.


I’m Sheldon and I’d never have sex with Brandi so that makes me hotter.

Ooh now Mauricio’s here! This episode is like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but with just the men. So I guess that’s more like Real Dudes of Beverly Hills instead. Mauricio is Kyle Richards’ husband and he owns a real estate company called The Agency. Jonathan Ruiz works there and so does Heather, Josh Altman’s girlfriend. Mauricio co-listed with Josh Altman the last time he sold Sierra Mar. Mauricio tells Josh A. that he just came to his open to tell him that $7.9 mil is way too high for that property, but wishes him luck anyway. He also gives his two cents on how great Heather is. He says she’s doing awesome working at The Agency and is a selling machine. Go Heather!


Heather is amaaaaaaaazing!

Josh Flagg has a listing meeting off Sunset and the house backs up to the Beverly Hilton hotel. It sits on 1.4 acres, 14,000 sqft, 14 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and has a fur vault. It was built in the 1920s and looks like it hasn’t been decorated since the 70s. Speaking of the 70s that’s when the owner purchased the house and he paid $500,000. Now he wants $16.5 million for it. Josh F. says $14 mil sounds more reasonable. The seller thinks the lot alone is worth $14 million. Josh F. tells him that the new owners will tear down and rebuild so the house is basically worth nothing. The owner was hoping they would find a buyer that won’t demo the house. He’s attached to it… $14.950 million is the lowest price the seller will agree to so $14.950 mil it is! That’s a $373,750 commission for Josh Flagg. Josh Altman is at his house making calls trying to sell Art’s Sierra Mar home. Him and Heather have moved in together since last season.


Mazel tov!

Heather gets home and is already on the phone. Josh A. probably thinks he’s running things in the relationship, but it’s so not true. Heather will out sell him soon because she’s a go getter and working for the best real estate company in town. Madison is getting ready for his open house and has brought his secret weapon, his chef. He’s determined to impress at his open house for Sheldon’s Malibu home. Apparently the chili the chef made for the event is as hot as Sheldon. Well, almost 😉 Madison has had some interesting cats come see his open house and now he’s exhausted.


I’m a cutie so just buy the house already.

Josh Altman has a broker that wants to see his listing at Sierra Mar at night. He says his buyer wants him to check out the vibe. Madison and his assistant are putting cookie goody bags together with his business card for all the brokers that came to see Sheldon’s property. Madison’s assistant says she doesn’t want the house to sell because then she won’t get to see Sheldon anymore. You got that right, girly! He’s that cute! One of Madison’s rich people clients called him to see if he had a property that they could rent while their home is renovated. Their property was flooded and they don’t want to live in a fancy hotel for 3 months. Madison offers Sheldon’s Malibu property. Josh Flagg is showing his listing. Josh Altman brings one of his buyers to take a look. As soon as they walk in Josh A’s client says he wants to tear the house down. Josh A. is being a total dick to Josh Flagg. He calls b.s. on everything Josh F. says throughout his tour. Josh F. says in his talking head that he doesn’t like Josh Altman. He says he’s like a sneaky little weasel.


No more weasin’ the juice!

Madison goes to visit Sheldon to see if he’ll agree to leasing his Malibu home for $20,000 a month. Sheldon’s not happy about it. He wants to be sure the renters are open to showing the property which they are. Sheldon says as long as they aren’t LA Kings fans, then they have a deal! Josh Altman brings a $7 mil deal to Art, his seller at Sierra Mar. He denies it. Art says it’s $7.5 or no deal. Madison is getting a haircut. He tells his barber about a yoga instructor that he’s dating. Go Madison! Josh Altman calls the agent of the buyer that had offered $7 mil to inform him that the seller will take nothing lower than $7.5. The buyer agrees to pay $7.5 million for the property and the deal is done.



Tune in next week when Josh Flagg kicks Josh Altman’s ass or steals his girlfriend. No, that’s not it. lol! Madison’s yoga instructor boyfriend is going to break up with him though. Poor Madison! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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