Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: The Blonde Drops a Bombshell


By:  QT

Everyone is back home from the Arizona trip and ready to start fresh…again.  Will the love fest continue past the first commercial break?  Let’s find out.

Momma Gorga is treated to lunch with her children and their spouses.  Things are going well, and everybody is kissing, including Joe and Joey.  Poppa Gorga has kidney stones and can’t make it, but hopefully he’ll see his children play nice with each other soon.

For families in the news with money problems, steak and seafood is flowing freely.  Would it hurt to eat with their mouths closed?  Maybe they can’t eat and breathe, who knows.  Momma Gorga tells her son and daughter to not let anything get between them, to not let strangers talk badly about each other.  Come on, Momma Gorga, that playing nice isn’t going to bring in the ratings.

rhonj 1Awwwww, Joe and Joey love each other, they really do.

Jacqueline is going to be speaking at a fundraiser for autism awareness that is being put on by Blk water.  She’s nervous and invites Teresa over to get some advice and help.  Chris Laurita thinks it is absolutely hysterical that anyone would ask Teresa for advice.  Turns out, it does help Jacqueline because Teresa gets her to reflect on Nicholas’ diagnosis and therapies, and her experiences as a parent.

Melissa is excited to be meeting with a manager of famous clients, including Justin Timberlake.  Melissa says he’s interested in meeting her, so off she goes with Joey to pursue her dream.  Joey talks up his wife’s talent, that she’s a thoroughbred, which is odd since I seem to recall “horsey face” being a source of irritation.  Melissa basically says she can do it all, sing and be a great wife and mother.

The manager doesn’t really care to hear about the wife and children part because he knows that no top performer can have great success without great sacrifices.  Madonna and J-Lo probably aren’t doing carpool and convincing kids to eat their broccoli every night.  He tells her she’s going to need to travel to his compound in Orlando to get on track.

Kathy has a huge opportunity presented to her by her p.r. person–an in-store presentation at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NY.  She’s going to have to bring in lots of people, though.  Kathy isn’t worried, she is confident she’s got what it takes.

Melissa’s new manager brings a songwriter/producer to work on a new song in her own, Joey-built recording studio.  Melissa doesn’t know the lyrics and can’t focus on singing because she hears static.  Off to his Orlando compound they will go.

rhonj 3She’s a thoroughbred, but not a horsey face, but, but, but…I have no clue what I’m thinking.

Kathy’s day at Dylan’s is finally here.  She does a lot of complaining about Richie and Victoria not helping her.  They get to Dylan’s, and Kathy complains that no one is there that she invited, just a lot of random people promised free cannolis.  There’s rainbow sprinkles on the cannolis.  What’s up with that?  Never seen a cannoli with sprinkles, then again, I’d never buy a kit for one, either.

Rosie and Joe are chatting and the subject of Joe having a son comes up.  Joe talks about surrogate mothers and is a little confused about how it all works, including whether or not he has eggs.  Rosie says she isn’t too good with all of that medical stuff, so she can’t really help Joe figure out if he has eggs or not.  Those two are funny together.

rhonj 2I don’t know nothing about birthing no babies, Joe…or your eggs.

Caroline couldn’t make the cannoli presentation because of a really bad migraine.  Luckily, the migraine has gone by the next day and she is able to attend the autism awareness fundraiser hosted by Blk.  It looks like a great crowd with lots of kids playing basketball and having fun.  Jacqueline gets up to speak at the end of the event and does a good job getting over her nervousness.

Melissa and Joey go to another steak dinner to talk about the fact that she’s going to be a big star and needs to go off to Orlando.  She spies Penny at the bar and decides to approach her about the cheating rumors.  Joey has some rude things to say about the way Penny looks, in particular, her hair.  That’s great coming from someone that paints on his hair, but I digress.  Joey joins Melissa and they ask Penny about the rumors.

rhonj 4That’s quite a My Pretty Pony-tail that Penny is rocking.

Penny starts talking about her husband, Johnny, like Melissa and Joey had no idea who her husband is.  Penny says all of the cheating rumors are coming from Teresa.  From the previews of next week’s episode, looks like Penny and Teresa confront each other.  Join us back here next week.

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3 thoughts on “Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: The Blonde Drops a Bombshell

  1. Lol! I just found your blog on twitter and it’s awesome! Great recap! My fav part was, “She’s a thoroughbred, but not a horsey face, but, but, but…I have no clue what I’m thinking.” Lol! I look forward to reading more of your recaps.


  2. Oh boy, these NJ housewives. They leave me speechless, but I really wish they’d leave themselves speechless so they’d shut up and go away, lol.


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