Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Finale

source: The Sketchy Girlz

The RHONJ was a huge snooze fest and uneventful. They were supposed to show the big brawl between Penny’s husband, Johnny the Greek, and Chris and Jacqueline Laurita and Joey Gorga. For legal reasons Bravo wasn’t able to show any of it. Allegedly Johnny the Greek tweeted something negative about the Laurita’s son, Nicholas claiming he doesn’t really have autism. That’s why Chris Laurita punched him at the opening of Posche 2. Jacqueline took her stiletto off and hit Johnny in his forehead with her heel. Johnny also got in a fight with Joey Gorga at the same party for tweeting about Melissa cheating with her ex-boyfriend during her marriage to Joey. Not sure why this Johnny guy is all over twitter gossiping like a little bitch. That will get you no where but ass kick city. Another thing that happened at the Posche 2 party was Penny outing Albert Manzo for having an affair with some Jill lady for years. Albert wasn’t there. Maybe because he was out with Jill. Or it’s possible that he was just working again at the Brownstone 😉ya, I’m sure that’s it. Caroline went off on Penny for letting the Jill business out of the bag. The editing made it look like Caroline was yelling at Kim D., but it was really Penny that said it. I wonder if Penny and her husband sleep better at night after putting everyone’s business on live tv. Also curious if it was their family drama that was outed how would they like it? It’s just ridiculous! I thought they were business owners. What entrepenures that you know act like heartless, gossipy idiots? Seems like that would be bad for business. I decided to link a RHONJ parody video since this week’s episode was so boring. Enjoy and let us know in comments what you thought about the finale.


2 thoughts on “Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Finale

  1. Thank you Gossip Girl for a fantastic and quick recap. You got everything in that was important, and I agree with you on all of it. Do you know how many more episodes left for the reunion? They better not make it a 5 part reunion, lol, because I’ll probably wind up watching all of it.


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