THE GOOD WIFE Recap “All Tapped Out” #TheGoodWife

The show opens with one of those techy dudes that has been eavesdropping on Alicia Florrick and her firm’s phone conversations. He was being administered a lie detector test. Cary and Nathan Lane are discussing a possible merger with Lockhart Gardner. Lane advises Cary against it. Can you tell that I cannot recall the name of Nathan Lane’s character?  I apologize. Finn Polnar phones Alicia to inform her that “they” took his computer and his notes for a case that he is representing was on there. She tells him that he needs an attorney and not to talk to anyone and that she will look into it. Cary is conversing with Diane about the merger in Alicia’s absence. The board members of Lockhart Gardner are curious if they will be merging with Florrick Agos. Oh wow, Michael J. Fox is here! This is random. Go Alex P. Keaton!

Alicia pays a visit to the State’s Attorney. She’s having Will death flashbacks, again. I miss Will, dammit! Alicia is questioning the State’s Attorney about seizing Finn’s computer. Now one of those spy, techy guys is meeting Cary. Apparently he works for the NSA and now needs representation because he took home a flash drive from his work and his office is pissed about it.

Now Michael J. Fox is hounding Alicia about his client. He wants him back and informs Alicia that Lockhart Gardner has just merged with his firm. Ooh, now Kalinda is here. I love her!

Michael J. Fox is here too… jury is still out as to if I like him on this show. He tells Kalinda that she needs to trust him because he’s the “new Will” big mistake! Ok, now techy NSA guy is going rogue, reporting on his colleague about some bull shit about his wife. Where is this going? Now Michael J. Fox is having drinks with Diane and she seems to hate him. Diane’s the biggest ball buster in the game. I love her too! 

Diane welcomes Michael J. Fox to her firm; so I guess I like him now.

Apparently he had the guy that killed Will transferred to general population in jail and that’s what lead him to shoot Will. Now NSA, techy dude has been suspended.

He’s talking to Cary and Alicia busted techy guy for spying on Finn. Alicia has uncovered that the NSA are only interested in her phone calls. She’s the governor’s wife and supposedly represented a “terrorist sympathizer” Ok, so it’s Peter the NSA are after. Not Alicia’s terrorist sympathizer client.

Have I mentioned that I also love Cary? He don’t play; I like it!

They found a loop hole. It appears that the NSA techy guy is part Cherokee and Agos threatened a civil rights suit as he’s part Cherokee. Checkmate, bitch!

Ok, I can’t help it, I love Michael J. Fox now. It’s official! I also adore Eli. Could you imagine if he were your assistant? He rocks at everything, in my opinion. Do we love Mr. Big better on Sex in the City or The Good Wife? I’m going to say Sex in the City. Cary’s kind of cute, right? I’m sorry…

Back to work! Uh oh, now Michael J. Fox is holding Kalinda’s feet to the fire. I don’t like him anymore, LOL!

Now Alicia’s holding the State Attorney’s balls to the fire and I like it! Do it for Will, girl! Now MJF, Kalinda and Diane are discussing his addition to their firm. How awesome is that?

The episode ends with Alicia and Peter going over their schedules. Let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode. Do you miss Will? Thanks for reading!



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