Real Housewives of Orange County RECAP! “Meet & Potatoes” #RHOC

Tonight’s episode picks up in Hawaii with Heather, Tamra and Vicki having dinner while talking about Brooks. Long story short, they’re still together. Briana still hates Brooks, but Vicki don’t give a woo hoo! Wtf is Vicki wearing? Does she know how old she is and stupid she looks? Oh come on fancy pants Heather; let your hair down, for once! Heather didn’t take her tequila shot and now she’s going to bed. Bye ashy!

Now we have Shannon getting her daughters ready for cotillion. I like it! Looks like there’s a lot of tension between her and her husband though. In front of the kids and everything, oh my…So, are Tamra and Eddie a legit couple? I thought that she was his beard. Tamra’s having a grown up Halloween party since she doesn’t have custody of her kids at the moment. I’m really liking what Tamra has done with their home. A woman’s touch is everything, isn’t it? I think this spooky party sounds fun. I want to go! 🙂 Is Heather giving us the evil eye? Oh, that’s just her spooky party make up and her attempt to cover a zit, got it. Everyone looks so great at Tamra’s Halloween party. Ok, now Shannon and Vicki are bonding over the fact that they are both Aries… woo hoo!

Um, Shannon’s husband goes on two trips a year with his boys? No wonder why she’s such a bitch to him. Vicki’s all worried that tarot cards might not be very biblical. Ya think? Also, Tamra’s sneaky and evil, right? Just saying.

I guess apparently I need nine lemons on display in my kitchen per Shannon’s feng shui expert. How come no one ever told me this, dammit? Maybe the feng shui people are in cahoots with Yolanda Foster. You know she has that lemon grove at her house. Mmhmm… I think Shannon should give her husband a friggin’ break. She’s a total bugaboo!

Now we’re at Vicki’s and I love her house. I would move in if it weren’t for Brooks and her talking about insurance non stop. Ok, Michael is a total dick to his mother! No wonder she hooked up with Brooks; she’s used to being treated like crap. Now Shannon, Heather and Tamra are having drinks and Shannon invites them over for a dinner party. Oh fuck, now she’s talking about her holistic dental procedure. It’s all bull shit, Shannon. Come into the light! She’s won’t listen and just revealed that she saved a nation in a past life per her holistic “dentist”. FML

We’re back at Vicki’s and her therapist makes house calls apparently. He’s cute too; she should date him! Over to Shannon’s now as she prepares for her dinner party. She’s working hard! Well, her nanny, chef, housekeeper and husband are the ones doing all the work. Except for the bitching; Shannon has that job all day. And now she’s telling the chef how to cook. Someone please slap her. I recall her fucking up the chicken breasts on last week’s episode; so maybe she should just shutty. I like Shannon’s husband now. He’s really trying at the dinner party and doing a ton of stuff. He’s somehow able to concentrate through all Shannon’s complaining. Terry decides to share with the group that their daughter is a bitch. Oh boy… Meanwhile Shannon and her husband are in the kitchen plating food and can’t find anything in their own home. Shannon’s husband finally found the torch though and is so pleased that he can finally torch the crème brulee. They’re the worst hosts ever though because they’re arguing the entire time and the party is in an ear shot. They hear all of it! I don’t care if they do have a coat check in their home. They really need to chill the hell out.

I’m with Vicki on this one; more wine! Eddie looks like he would rather be at a root canal with Shannon’s bull shit dentist than at this dinner party. Although he’s an Aries too; so I think he’ll be ok. Whoa, Shannon and her husband have more issues than tissues, don’t they. I think Shannon’s too needy and takes her husband for granted and that’s what the problem is in their marriage. I just realized that other new girl wasn’t in this episode either. Are they being shady boots to her already or is she a part time housewife? Hmm, I better check my email on that one! Maybe she’s just busy hanging out with this guy.

Oops, sorry about that!

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2 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Orange County RECAP! “Meet & Potatoes” #RHOC

  1. I am cracking up at your recap. Excellent work, and I am really glad to see you guys writing again. “Total bugaboo”, I cannot stop laughing at this…Thanks for a great recap.


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