The Good Wife RECAP – “Tying the Knot” #TheGoodWife

The episode opens with Alicia being driven to her client, Colin Sweeney’s home. He’s having an engagement party, but Alicia is there to have Sweeney sign some legal documents. If he doesn’t sign the papers by 8:00 that night then Florrick Agos won’t receive their million dollar bonus.

That Sweeney guy is a real nut job! Alicia wants those papers signed very badly. She asks him to sign the documents. He said that if Alicia convinces his fiance that he’s against animal testing then he’ll sign them. Meanwhile, Eli calls Alicia to inform her that her son, Zach, was photographed holding a bong. She calls Zach and he denied that he was smoking it. He claimed that he was taking the bong away from a friend. Oh kids!

Sweeney finally signs the documents and Alicia scans them over to Cary. As she waits for Cary to forward the documents over to the Clerk’s Office she has that sangria that she promised Sweeney that she would have if he signed. Then Cary calls claiming Sweeney lied on his financial statement and he needs Alicia to get Sweeney to initial the changes of the financial disclosure. Apparently sexual therapy can’t be allocated as a business expense.Who knew?

Then Zach’s friend calls Alicia to inform her that Zach was in fact smoking weed at her house and that he has a problem. Then Renata, Sweeney’s finance screams as she discovers a lady hanging in Sweeney’s home.

Who done it?

Now the police have arrived and Alicia is being questioned. The detective says it’s odd that Sweeney is Alicia’s client and she was present the night a lady died in his home. Alicia was also present shortly after Sweeney had killed his other wife. The detective accuses Alicia of being at Sweeney’s so he could use her for an alibi. Alicia continues to say her client, Mr. Sweeney, was in her presence at the time of the murder.

Oh great, now Alicia’s brother is giving a statement regarding Zach’s pot use caught on camera. He told reporters that basically it’s no big deal because Alicia drinks a lot. Now Alicia is being interviewed again by the States Attorney and a detective about the murder at Sweeney’s residence. Sweeney, his finance and Cary have joined the interrogation.

What’s Shibari, by the way? Never mind, I don’t want to know!

JRPPC 2013 Highlight | Rope, Photo & Entry by Mr_Monday | Model: Madalynn-Raye

Cary ends the interview. He’s a badass in my book! I just don’t like that States Attorney guy. After the meeting, Alicia calls Finn, the one that’s bff with the States Attorney. Well, soon to be USED to be besties because the States Attorney will be firing his bff soon. That’s why Alicia calls her client, Finn, to get him to run against the States Attorney. That way he can’t fire Finn because that would be retaliation. He’s going to think about it.

Dramatics, Your Honor

Sweeney’s fiance is arrested for the murder that occurred at Sweeney’s home the night of their engagement party. Finn’s in court and having flash backs of when Will was fatally shot in that very same courtroom. Finn was shot that day too, but only in the arm. He’s interviewing the dead lady’s boyfriend and Diane is representing Sweeney’s fiance, Renata. Switch to Alicia who’s having an intervention with her son and her brother, Owen, is there too. Zach calls her and Peter “Bill and Hillary”, LOL!

The States Attorney and Finn meet. The SA fires Finn and he tells the States Attorney that he can’t fire him because he’s running for States Attorney as well. Finn immediately calls Alicia because he hasn’t yet filed to run for States Attorney and he needs to fast! Alicia contacts Eli to get Finn the necessary 7,000 signatures to approve Finn to run for office.

Side note: I love Alan Cumming! He’s a great actor and awesome in his role of Eli on The Good Wife.


The Good Wife  Season 5 Episode 16 “The Last Call.” This episode is definitely a tear jerker... Make sure you have a box of tissues nearby when ur watching it... Who knew saying goodbye to Will would be so sad???


Now the States Attorney, Eli and the governor are meeting and the SA asks the governor to endorse for his re-election for the States Attorney office. The governor asks if the States Attorney has an issue with his wife. He claims that he doesn’t. The governor is left to decide who he will back as the next States Attorney. Eli urges the governor to support the current SA because he will get re-elected and you want to endorse a winner. Now they’re in court for the murder at Sweeney’s home. Alicia is being questioned and was asked if her client requested that she lie for him. He did and she admits it, but chose not to lie for him in court. After the trial, Alicia talks to Sweeney. She asks if he killed that woman or did his fiance. He said he wanted to wait to see what the jury decides. Ah ha!

Alicia is having a glass of wine with her brother as they watch tv at her house. They have a very cute relationship. Her brother asks about Zach’s comment about Alicia and her husband being “Bill and Hillary”. She says it means they’re married, they stay married, but they get to do whatever they want. Her brother tells her to go out and get laid since her husband Peter already is. She goes off to bed…

Cut to Peter in a press conference. He announces that he has decided to support Finn for States Attorney. That’s big as in huge; seeing how Finn had no plans of winning the election. Sweeney’s fiance was found innocent as there was no probable cause in the murder of that lady in Sweeney’s home. Then Alicia and Renata meet. She then confesses to the murder. She claims that she did it because she “wanted to watch the life drain from someone’s eyes” as Sweeney had done a couple of times before. She wanted them to have more in common.

What a psycho!



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