Real Housewives of Orange County 100th Episode Special! #RHOC

This show is not a new episode. It’s a recap of all 8 seasons of the OC. As I watch, it just makes me miss Lynne Curtin. Remember her? She was wonderfully clueless and fun. I wonder how she’s doing. Apparently her daughters are now porn stars; so Lynne’s probably about to have a nervous breakdown about now.

I also miss Jeana Keough, but not her shit head kids.

I can’t stand Tamra. Why the hell is her trashy ass still on this show? They finally got rid of that other trash box, Gretchen. I’d rather have Alexis back over Tamra! I can do without Alexis’ skeezy husband though. I like Vicki and all her kookiness. I’m that 3% that can still tolerate her. She’s the Ramona of the OC and she works her ass off. That, I respect.

Why is Kyle Richards, her husband and their daughter promoting a movie from the media room in their home during the commercial break? None of them are even in the movie that they’re advertising. Wtf is all that nonsense about? It’s like Kyle and Mauricio wait in the bushes on Rodeo Drive for the opportunity to jump on camera or on a step and repeat. I don’t like Kyle or her douche husband. They’re definitely their own biggest fans. Barfarolla!

I love Vicki’s quote of, “When the cameras go up; people like to show off their shit.” Ain’t THAT the truth? Cough, Alexis and Jim ahem, Lauri and George and Slade and Gretchen. Here’s another LOL quote of Vicki’s, “Why would you send a family van for 6 people?!” That scene cracked me up. I’ve been skipping over Gretchen’s parts of the special. I can’t with that one. I loved the everyone imitate Gretchen segment though. They totally nailed it.

I just realized that I liked Heather Dubrow her first season on the show, but not now.

I really liked Lydia too! Why did they send her away?

Slade’s king of the douche lords. OMGGGGGGGG! Too much Slade makes me want to kung fu my tv and I love my tv. Now they’re showing the death of Vicki and Donn’s marriage. I liked Donn. I didn’t need to know all the icky stuff I’ve read about his personal life. He seems like a nice, level headed man that could care less about the lime light. So unlike Brooks! Oh crap on a stick, why Slade again? He’s the worst! He’s actually in a tie with Brooks. They should go kick rocks somewhere. Away from my tv! Why did Bravo do this anniversary special anyway? We could’ve watched re-runs to see all of this crap. I was really looking forward to a new episode of the OC, but instead we got a walk down memory lane that we were doing such a good job of forgetting.

Photo credit: Bravotv


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