Real Housewives of ORANGE COUNTY RECAP! “Showdown at the Hoedown” #RHOC


Hey guys! I know it has been a minute since we had a new episode of RHOC. Last time Heather was preparing with her party planners for her new home groundbreaking party. Vicki was busy re-modeling her office and Shannon was taking Vicki to meet her fav energy specialist, Dr. Moon. Also, all of the OC were preparing for the Christmas season.

This week opens with Heather making reindeer food with her kids when Terry comes home from work. Heather starts getting all hyped up about their dirt party; err, ground breaking celebration. Ugh, next! Now she’s rehashing chair gate? I can’t … Terry, you’re a better person than I! Shannon is at Boot Barn and tells them she’s going to a hoedown and needs their help with her outfit. Vicki joins her at Boot Barn and they rehash chair gate. Oh joy… I’m with Shannon on this one. Shannon’s not scary in my opinion; she’s kooky. There’s a big difference. I like kooky. Vicki, Lizzie’s name is Lizzie. It’s not up to you to change it; so accept it! Shannon’s boots are hella cute! Deep in the heart of Texas, baby! Now we’re at Vicki’s office and Troy and Briana bring Vicki lunch. That’s nice. Troy is adorable and Vicki and Briana are talking about her family moving to Oklahoma. I’m about to Zzzzzzzzz on this convo. Although Briana handles Vicki very well.  Heather’s kids are very cute. They’re all getting ready for their hoedown. Too precious! Heather’s boots are fabola by the way. OMG, I must find! Her face still scares me though. Heather was way more excited to greet Jim Edmonds than she was his fiance, wasn’t she? Mmmhmmm

Nobody wants to see the shoddy model of your not yet built home, Heather. Speaking of, where are the shots? Tamra pretending that she’s all buddy, buddy with Lizzie is hilarious. Heather, you’re being a total bitch to Shannon. What gives? I’m going to assume that she didn’t read ‘Class With the Countess’ she’s making way too much of a big deal out of this first dig thing. I would be late too if had been invited. Just saying

Heather was asking Shannon why she was late to her party. Shannon gives a perfectly reasonable excuse and Heather launches into some Mommie Dearest bull crap. Who does that to their guests?

Now Shannon’s upset. I would’ve been too! I mean, Heather’s party is being held on an empty lot of dirt. Who knew people were expected to do stuff like be on time or wear pants? By the way, the Beadors were late because David is the coach for one of their daughter’s basketball teams and they had a practice conflict. Guess what? If someone gives me the kid excuse; it’s an automatic pass. As it should! I have kids. Shit happens

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - hilarious!

Oh son of an onion ring, what is Heather bitching about now? Thank you Vicki for agreeing with me and giving Heather the snoring treatment, LOL! That really pissed off fancy pants, didn’t it? 😀

David is a bit in everyone’s face on this episode. I like it! Heather’s bitching to Terry. Terry be like, “Kill me now!” Have I ever told you guys how much I love Lizzie? I so do; she rocks! OMG, a donut eating contest and onion rings at fancy bitch’s party? I can’t…

Vicki is opening up to Shannon and Lizzie about being upset about Briana and her family moving to Oklahoma. Vicki, you have to let Briana grow up. It’s life. God bless her. Now Terry is reprimanding Tamra for her not standing up for Heather. I’m with Tamra; he’s a ‘lil bitch! My husband would never, ever do that nonsense because he has balls and is a normal man. Oh sure, let’s square dance! Yippee ki yay! This party blows! Where’s Diplo when you need him?

I know Eddie thinks that he’s fine, but… my magic 8 ball says he’s more like Joe Gorga-esque. So now they’re bull riding and it’s hella awkward up in here, up in HERE! I spoke too soon. David just told Heather to ride it and ride it hard. Um… he won’t stop. I’m officially creeped the hell out! These people are super lame, right? Tamra thinks she broke her arm. I want people to stop riding mechanical bulls already. It’s not for everyone! Where did the x ray lady come from all the sudden? Oh well, at least Tammers didn’t break her arm.

Next week, on the Real Housewives of Orange County:

Tamra’s son reveals that he’s on HGH. The Dubrows shoot a family pic and Shannon gets yelled at by fancy pants.

See you next week!

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7 thoughts on “Real Housewives of ORANGE COUNTY RECAP! “Showdown at the Hoedown” #RHOC

  1. I recently had a house built (a track home). I watched it built from the ground up and took pictures at every phase, so I understand Heather’s mentality. I think she has to be careful because the Dubrows have a lot of $$ and they seem to do most things right, and this could annoy insecure people.

    I see things differently this season. I’ve been a big fan of Heather (until tonight). I’m meticulous about much of my own life. She is not correcting others. She just wants things to be correct in general. It’s like making sure a straight line is really straight, or making sure to color inside the lines. Making sure the right word is used. She is more comfortable when things are correct.

    I now realize that Tamra is a huge troublemaker. She shakes things up. She went back and forth between Shannon and Heather, telling both of them things that pissed both of them off. Also, when most of the group had dinner at Shannon’s a couple weeks ago, Vicki and Tamra were bitching about Heather and they bitched to Shannon. They laid the groundwork for Shannon to be irritated by Heather. Shannon wasn’t present for Heather’s and Tamra’s makeup lunch. I don’t think she even knew about it.

    Tamra likes to be the center of the group and the person most liked. She does a lot of gossiping behind everybody’s back. She causes trouble in every episode and nobody seems to notice she’s doing this. Also, Tamra is extremely insecure because she didn’t go to college and I believe she didn’t finish high school. She got pregnant at 17. I saw her on a talk show (either Wendy or WWHL) and she was given a vocabulary test, and she wasn’t familiar with some pretty basic words. Maybe this was due to stress. She will always find fault with the smart people. Let’s see how long she gets along with Lizzy. There’s nothing wrong with not going to college. I think she got her G.E.D. It’s how she feels about not going to college.

    Heather waited over an hour to have their little ceremony and she wanted everyone there–or at least her closer friends. She was waiting for Shannon and the others to get there, so I see why she was upset. Unfortunately, they were late because of her husband, and Shannon is the one who got the blame. BTW, husband David is a little nasty and inappropriate. Maybe it’s an alcohol thing. He shouldn’t make sexual references about the other wives there.

    When Heather fell off the bull, she got up and checked to see if it was turned up. Tamra got onto the bull and Heather said to the guy running the bull, “turn it up.” He turned it from 36 to 37. I rewound the show several times to play that one part. If she is saying something else, I’m not hearing correctly. It sure seems that she wanted Tamra to get knocked off. She didn’t want her to break her arm. She should have come clean about turning up the bull. The truth will come out during the season. I’ve alway liked Heather, but this bothers me a lot.


    • Hi marshmallowjane!

      I liked Heather in her first season with the OC. After she started getting acting work she changed in my opinion. It all went to her head and she became annoying throwing things in people’s face all the time. You’re right though; she did request to the operator of the mechanical bull to turn it up when Tamra was on. I’m sure it was all in good fun and Heather probably assumed that Tamra could handle it. I’m glad her arm didn’t get broken.
      Thanks for stopping by!


      • I wouldn’t mind that Heather turned up the bull either, but she specifically asked who turned it up. I think it was turned up for Heather so she turned it up even more. Maybe David turned it up so he could watch Heather fall down in her dress. But Heather had the guy turn it up even more and then she denied it. She could have just kept quiet instead of lying. This will all come out in the reunion. P.S. Heather also went to Eddie about Tamra wanting a baby. Who does that?


      • It was so inappropriate for Heather to talk to Eddie about a baby. Bravo often suggests scenarios for them to address when filming. I hope that’s what was going on there and not Heather’s idea, but who knows.


      • Unless Bravo did some fancy editing, Heather is as guilty as sheeeet. I’m not sure why she’d want the bull turned up. She’s competitive; she thought it was going fast when she rode it. Usually, she is a confident person who makes room for the other ladies. In this episode, she came across as petty…..except I don’t blame her for being upset because three ladies were late. She should have chewed out Vicky instead of Shannon who is still getting her feet wet on the show. Thanks for the link.


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