Ladies of London RECAP! “My Fair Ladies of London”

I have been so excited for the premiere of Ladies of London. You don’t even know! The ladies did not disappoint either. Since this is the series premiere episode; I’m going to introduce all the ladies and then recap. I hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did…

Caroline Stanbury

Caroline Stanbury is super rich, married to financier, Cem Habib. She’s the founder of a luxury gifting and personal shopping service, Gift Library of Caroline Stanbury. She’s a Brit, has a great house, beautiful kids and is a pitbull in London’s society circles.

Caprice Bourret

Caprice Bourret who is known by just Caprice, no last name needed is from California. She’s an international model and has lived in London for almost 20 years. She’s the CEO and founder of By Caprice Products which is a lingerie line. She’s also preggers and sharing her life with Ty.

Annabelle Neilson

Annabelle Neilson Has already become my fav. She describes herself as not girly, girly, doesn’t care if her nails are done perfect. In my opinion, she’s punk, has balls and is awesome. Annabelle comes from an aristocratic family and I’m not quite sure what that means. Just being honest! She was Alexander McQueen’s muse and his best friend. She’s still trying to cope with his death. So heartbreaking… Annabelle is a horse rider and is taking lessons to prepare for a race for charity. She’s also an author of a children’s book and is penning a novel on her friendship with McQueen.

Noelle Reno

Noelle Reno is from Seattle and has lived in London for 10 years. She was a model and moved to London for her ex-fiance. Noelle is a fashion entrepreneur, television correspondent, and socialite. She is also the co-founder of the cashmere fashion brand, Degrees of Freedom and has partnered with celebrated fashion designer, Zandra Rhodes to found the clothing line, Z by Zandra Rhodes. She’s currently dating Scott Young, a property entrepreneur whose recent high profile divorce has kept them both in the spotlight. They have been dating for 3 years and his divorce from his wife is ongoing and a hot mess. He went to jail for allegedly hiding 400 million pounds in assets from his estranged wife.

Marissa Hermer

Marissa Hermer is from Newport Beach, CA. After graduating from Middlebury College in Vermont to start a public relations career. She then started her career. Marissa moved to New York to work for fashion luxury powerhouse, Nadine Johnson and later Syndicate Media Group and helped Ian Schrager launch a number of fashion, luxury restaurants and nightclub brands. While in New York, Marissa met London nightclub owner and restaurateur Matt Hermer. Hermer owns the hottest, most elite night club in London, Boujis. Sounds fun! Marissa is working on getting her citizenship. Her husband is over the moon for her. It’s very sweet.

Juliet Angus

Juliet Angus is from Chicago. She and her husband have resided in London for 3 years and his job is what brought them over the pond. Juliet’s husband is an Ad Exec. Juliet’s international fashion relationships have been instrumental to her success in London. She works with top fashion designers and celebrities creating memorable red carpet moments and also putting her mark on some very influential wardrobes. Her knowledge for fashion has led her to start her own personal styling business.

Ok, now on with the episode…! Caprice calls Annabelle to go to polo with her and Caroline. Annabelle is having a riding lesson with her trainer for a race. She looks like a natural to me, but her trainer wants her to get in shape. Noelle and Caprice meet for lunch. They’re discussing how to get ahead in London society. Caprice breaks it down to Noelle that her scandalous relationship will hold her back from pushing through the London it crowd. Juliet visits Marissa. They’re gossiping about Noelle. Marissa tells her nanny to put her son down for a nap. Then runs out with Juliet. Caprice, Marissa, Juliet and Noelle meet for tea. They immediately start in on Noelle about her boyfriend, Scott. The big hang up for everyone is Scott went to jail because he didn’t agree to the plea deal that would have kept him from going to jail to begin with. Investigators wanted Scott to name names on who helped him conceal 400 million pounds in assets from his estranged wife during their divorce. Juliet is asking way too many questions for my taste. Why does she care so much?

Polo In The Park is the first social event of the Summer in London. Caroline is having her makeup done and I’m taking notes, LOL! No really… Juliet is getting ready as well and explaining to her daughter about polo. Then her makeup artist tells her that she hates Americans. Juliet says to the camera that it’s annoying that her children have a British accent. I think it’s adorable! In one car we have Annabelle, Caprice and Caroline on their way to the polo match. Noelle, Marissa and Juliet are in the other car. Caprice and her friends were discussing how you never want to wear a hat to polo. Cut to Noelle riding in the other car, wearing a hat. This should be good! Marissa is basically kissing Caroline’s ass. Caroline says that’s how Americans are, “Where did you get your shoes? You look so pretty! …” Seriously, all Caroline talks about is British society… Does anyone give an effff?

Apparently you’re not supposed to actually watch the polo match. Just drink and talk to one another. Also, Brits don’t show excitement or talk about being excited like Americans do. That’s so interesting…!

The ladies are leaving Polo in the Park, but not before they have tea, again. For the record, I love Noelle’s dress and hat. I’m an American though; so not sure it counts for anything. Caroline informs us that she likes Juliet and that it’s a big deal.

Next week, on The Ladies Of London…  Noelle is upset that everyone is upset about her relationship situation. Annabelle and Juliet get into a squabble and many other things… 😀 Stay tuned! Yah! #LadiesOfLondon

Source: Bravotv


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