Real Housewives of Orange County RECAP “Choke-Lahoma” #RHOC

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Hey guys! Last week on RHOC… Briana was discussing with Vicki her move to Oklahoma. Vicki was referring to Lizzie as “Izzy”. Chairgate was in full swing and so was Heather’s hoe down

It’s still Christmas in the OC. Shannon’s family is preparing for their Christmas card photo. Shannon wants her family to wear all black. David thinks that is morbid and he wants to wear his white blazer instead. The Dubrows are taking their holiday card photo too. Heather’s 4 kids just want to be kids and have fun. Heather just wants to be bossy, like always.

Shannon’s kids are having a lot of fun at their Christmas card photo shoot and Shannon totally supports it. It’s very sweet and refreshing to see. What a beautiful family.


Tamra is having an HGH storyline lately with her son, Ryan… Quick, where’s my remote?

I’m sorry but I can’t!

Vicki travels to Oklahoma to help Briana and Ryan find a home. Vicki’s being very over bearing, but what’s new? I used to like Briana, but ever since she married Mr. Drill Sergeant guy she’s of no more interest to me. She’s changed big time, imo.

I’m so not into the let’s find a home in Oklahoma story line. Lizzie and Heather are meeting for a play date at a park with their kids. Lizzie’s little boy is having a break down as soon as they arrive. Oh bless his heart. That happens… which is exactly what Heather says. She gives Lizzie some time to settle her son down while she goes to find them a picnic spot. That was nice. Lizzie joins Heather and her kids and they start talking about their issues with Vicki and Shannon. Danielle and Lizzie are now visiting Shannon at her house and are super excited to get a tour. Shannon’s having a makeup application party. I LOVE that idea! Maybe we can have an online, Skype makeup party. Everyone’s hosting online parties these days. I just went to a Stella and Dot one yesterday. Well, I didn’t go. I guess I participated, logged on.. whatever. I think online shopping parties are so awesomely convenient!

Now they’re talking about the Shannon and Heather drama. Lizzie suggests they meet to talk it out. That’s a good idea.

The Dubrows crack me up. Terry is Mr. Clueless Dad USA. He’s giving them cookies and allowing rules to be bent while Heather gets pissy while the kids go haywire from all the sugar. Classic and lovely family.

Lizzie puts her kids in a wagon and heads on over to her sister’s house. She lives down the street. I wish my sisters lived on my street! How fun is that! They talk babies. I want to say that Lizzie’s sister is preggers, maybe… LOL! I’m totally paying attention. Why is this the first time that I’m hearing about this “The Mom Job?” It’s a boob job, tummy tuck and maybe some other procedures ladies are having done after their last baby. A friend of mine had one, but I didn’t know what it was called. I just thought it was referred to as getting a lot of work done. By the way, that friend of mine ended up having another baby 2 years after having her mom job done. Talk about spending a ton of money and suffering for nothing!

KEYWORD1  2008-11-24  thanksgiving  holiday  holidays  turkey  turkeys  plastic surgery  he's o

Heather and Shannon are having their sit down. It’s a bunch of, “I just feel that… ” and “My intention wasn’t to…” type of talk. This is so vanilla. I’m out! Whoa, it just went from vanilla to awkward. I’ve never had a meet for drinks face off with anyone in my life. This is weird, right?

Next week on the RHOC… Heather is offered a guest hosting gig on Good Day LA. Tamra and Heather have a sit down, drag out at the Beador Christmas party and more people get pissed off at one another. See you then and thanks for reading!

photo credit: offthemark, Realitytea, bodybuilding forum, fromtheaspiesdesk, crackmag, bravowatch, twitter, youtube and cgmakeup


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