Ladies of London – RECAP! “A Match Made in Tabloid Heaven” #LadiesOfLondon

Juliet opens this episode with a sweet scene with her daughter. She got an award at school and they are discussing it. Marissa is managing one of her husband’s restaurants. Then Juliet shows up and Marissa decides to take a break to lunch with her. They talk about Polo in the park and how the Brits are too stuffy. They also discuss an upcoming event on the London social calendar, Serpentine. It’s an elegant affair that all the who’s who of London attend in the summer. Marissa’s husband will be managing the bar for the event. I’m sure it’s a great time!

Scott and Noelle are meeting for lunch and discuss his divorce. Apparently his ex-wife wants more money, $2 million to be exact. Sounds like a hot mess as this divorce has been going on for roughly 4 years. Caprice and Ty are talking about their baby. They listen to the heart beat in their home. She’s 7 months pregnant, but looks like 5, IMO. Time out, Caprice is having twins now? She explains that she had a hard time conceiving; so they contacted a surrogate to carry it for them. Then, Caprice got pregnant. She will be 8 months pregnant when her other baby is born from the surrogate. That’s pretty crazy! Caroline’s house is to die for! I actually moved in 2 weeks ago and they have no idea that I’m here. That’s how big it is! Her husband is super cute and very sweet. Caroline says that her husband calls her out when needed and totally balances her out. That’s great; sounds like they have a normal, loving marriage. Noelle and Scott are flat shopping. Scott couldn’t get tickets to Serpentine, Noelle’s pissed and calls Marissa to see if she can use her connections to try for tickets. I love how everyone refers to Noelle as “the hustler” ha, go girl! Don’t hate the playa, hate the game! I also love Caroline’s company! Why didn’t I think of that? Apparently Caprice is in the tabloids for her double baby news. Everyone thinks it’s tacky that she sold her baby story to the tabloids and claim that it must be a slow news day. The Brits are aghast. Wow, Caprice took the cover over Kate Middleton and she gloated about it. For shame! Caroline is having her makeup done for Serpentine and again I’m taking notes. Marissa is just adorable, isn’t she? She’s also very sweet, IMO. As Noelle is having her hair done for Serpentine Scott pops into the salon to break it to her that he couldn’t score tickets for the event. She’s very upset, but Scott reminds her that the Hermers are having a pre-party; so she can still see everyone for cocktails. That doesn’t help in Noelle’s eyes. She really wanted to go. Surely Marissa can get her in, right? Doesn’t her husband own everything fun in London? Good friends to have, for sure! Why doesn’t Noelle go as Caroline’s +1? Scott can go as Caprice’s since neither are bringing their husband. Just a thought! OMG, I’m dying over Caroline’s Roberto Cavalli dress!

Well hallelujah, Caroline offers her husband’s ticket to Noelle! What a sweetie. Caprice’s dress is barftastic; preggers or not. Caprice is beautiful though. All the ladies are thinking that it’s messed up that Noelle is leaving Scott high and dry to go to the event. Poor fella…

Annabelle looks absolutely stunning! She’s in Alexander McQueen, of course. It’s red carpet time at Serpentine and some people look fab, but others look like crap. Just saying

I’m also not digging Marissa’s beehive.


Next week on Ladies of London…

Juliet and Marissa host a 4th of July party. Annabelle mentors a new designer to get her ready for fashion week. Also Annabelle has a row with Juliet.

Stay tuned! I love this show!


Photo credit: Bravotv, thesun, metroUK, pochtimes, contactmusic, emirates247 and tatler, julietangus




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