Real Housewives of Orange County – RECAP! “Not So Silent Night” #RHOC

Hey guys! It’s Monday, Orange County day! Last week the Dubrow and Beador families had their holiday photo shoot. Vicki was in Oklahoma helping Briana’s family find a new home. Tamra and her son visited an Anti-Aging doctor and Shannon had Lizzie and Danielle over for a makeup party.

It’s still Christmas time in the OC. Shannon’s preparing for her Christmas party. The delivery services are coming at us from all angles. There’s a florist, decorator, caterer… the whole bit. It should be a great party! Tamra and Ryan are back at the anti-aging doctor. The doc has Ryan’s test results and they ain’t good. His iron count is too high. He could possibly have a heart attack at any moment and a few other health concerns. The anti-aging doctor refers him to a cardiologist when Ryan reveals that he randomly has heart palpitations. Yikes! Switch to Heather. She’s at the Good Day Live studio for a publicity tour to promote Hawaii Five-O. Then they invite her to guest host while the regular co-host is on maternity leave. Heather happily accepts. Tamra and Eddie are making dinner together and he asks her about Ryan’s doctor appointment. She starts telling him about Ryan’s test results and health condition. Eddie tells her that maybe Ryan should stop aiming to be a body builder because his body obviously can’t take it. I agree! Shannon’s doing the final touches on her Christmas party prep. She’s bossing her husband around as per usual and some other lady. Heather and Terry are waiting for the car service to pick them up for the Beador Christmas party. Now we’re at the party and it looks fab. I wish I were there! Shannon tells Tamra that she had a sit down with Heather. She says that Heather urged her to get over her issues with her ASAP. Ok…

Everyone is arriving as well as hugging. Like Heather said, “During the holidays, people usually get along a little better and are a bit nicer.” Whoa, on the niceness! It just came out that the last time that Heather was a guest host on Good Day Live she promoted another gym. Coincidentally it was the same gym that Heather works out at. Hello, she’s too good for her friend’s gym, CUT Fitness? Tamra brings that up and how much it hurt her after Heather tells her that she pitched CUT Fitness to Good Day Live. Tamra can’t get over that because at the time Heather promoted that other gym CUT Fitness was just opening and it would have been huge for their gym to be on at that time. Tamra’s feelings are hurt and I don’t blame her. Terry busts in with, “Didn’t she just kinda make up for it?” Shut up, Terry! Oh wow, they have a candy fabricator guy at this party. Dammit, I love candy! We had a party for my son at Dylan’s Candy Bar one year and I must say that is the most awesome place to do a party. Be it a kiddie party or even an adult one. They do have cocktails available upon request! Not to mention an ice cream bar. OMG and the chocolate fountains! I’ll stop.

Vicki meets some people at the party and assumes they’re either married or messing around. The man tells her that he’s actually gay. Vicki tells him, “But you don’t look gay.” WTF kind of thing is that to say? Honestly

Now Vicki’s talking to Heather about how upset she is about Briana moving away from her. Tamra, Shannon, Lizzie and Danielle are having some girl talk. Tamra says that she feels uncomfortable because of the fact that Heather brought a competitor of theirs on Good Day Live instead of her gym. Lizzie agrees with Terry that it’s a great thing for Tamra’s gym that Heather is now giving CUT Fitness the opportunity to be promoted on Good Day Live; so Tamra should just focus on that aspect of it. Then Tamra drops the bomb that Heather told her she needs to pick a side between Heather and Shannon. Shannon’s pissed; rightfully so and wants to address that with Heather and Tamra starts to freak out. This is gonna be good! Merry Christmas to us, LOL!

Vicki and Heather join the group and Lizzie tells the ladies that they need to have a conversation about what’s bothering them. Gymgate gets brought up, Pick-a-side gate was thrown in there and all hell breaks loose. Heather cries ambush, but doesn’t deny anything; so everyone now thinks that she’s a liar face.

Well, everyone except Vicki. She’s team Heather all the way. Apparently Terry text-ed Tamra to tell her that he had told Heather that it’s a bad idea to have that other gym on Good Day Live. He also told her straight up not to go through with it. Heather brings Terry into the pow wow to clear everything up and then never gives him a chance to speak. If it walks like a duck, it a duck! Tamra gets mad and storms off. Vicki busts Heather on her camera time and says that when Heather received a call from her sick son it was actually them faking the call. Their son’s not even sick. It was all a ploy by the Dubrows to get the hell outta there. Terry keeps saying, “Is it 10:30? I can’t believe that it’s 10:30 already! We have to leave.” I’m LOL’ing all over the place! That’s classic… also one I’ve never pulled before. Translation, Heather is guilty as sin.


I can’t…

David tells Lizzie’s husband that happy couples produce boys and unhappy ones have girls. His oldest daughter walks in as he is saying all of this. Nice! Where did he get that? Christian has the perfect reply, “Behind every joke is a little bit of truth.” You said a mouthful, dude! This is how I’m feeling about now on the Heather/Tamra fight.

Next week on RHOC…

Fancy Pants has left the building, finally. It only took them a half an hour to rush out of that party to their “sick” son. Tamra is doing their CUT Fitness segment on Good Day Live. Briana and Ryan will reveal the gender of their baby and Heather and Tamra have a sit down. LOL at all the sit downs that go down on the OC. Maybe they should start having stand ups! Wait, that sounds worse. Nevermind

See you next week!

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7 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Orange County – RECAP! “Not So Silent Night” #RHOC

  1. Good recap! Its impossible for me to care about heather because she wanted to get in good with tamara and could care less how she treated other people. So surprise surprise tamara is going after her now ! Well you lay down with dogs you get fleas. I do like shannon somewhat as I think she is not as catty and tells it like it is. Not sure what’s up with her marriage. Seems they are at odds I think husband is just putting in time maybe has someone on the side or tempted to. Shannon seems to want to keep it together for sake of kids but takes more than that to keep a man. Life is short and people want to be happy not serve a sentence. Reality tv doesnt exactly help as Vickie and Donna can attest!


    • Hi Janet!
      I agree with you on all counts. I’m also starting to like Shannon with the more we see of her. The Beadors have beautiful girls. I hope they end up doing what’s right to set a good example for them. RHOC gives me so much to write about, LOL!
      Thanks for reading!


  2. Felt kinda sorry for vickie I think she’s found the grass is not greener being single. Too late to go back. She seemed a bit softer and nicer. Seems like vickie tamara and shannon are hitting it off at least. Im wondering whats going to go down with heather and Shannon husbands they show a preview of terry really laying into David!


  3. Yeah that was a bit much but I guess I thought terry would have reacted then if was bothering him. Maybe he didn’t hear it at the time and found out later. David does seem to be noticing other women alot. Maybe hes trying to piss off his wife out of spite for her nagging him too much.


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    • Hi Staffing Agencies Orange County!
      I haven’t had those issues yet that I know of. Do you have a copyright statement on your site? Similar to the one that’s on our home page top, right hand side? That will at least give some warning that legal action will be taken against those that steal your content.
      Best of luck and thanks for reading!


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