Happy “Fahdder’s” Day!

I have to open this very special Father’s Day post with a story. My son is 3 and we were at Academy the other day. You know, buying a Father’s Day gift and he asked me, “Mom, are you a fahdder?” I was thinking, “Wth? I know he didn’t ask me all loud in this store if I’m a farter?” Then he asks another question, “Mom, are you a fahdder or a muhdder? I know you’re a muhdder, aren’t you?” So it became clear that he said “father” not farter. LOLz to the max anyway, right?

Happy Fahdder’s Day to all the most awesomest dads out there on earf. Go do your very important and relaxing Fahdder’s Day things and enjoy! Muah



Where can I get this shirt? LOL!


photo credit: happyfathersdaygreetings, funnyjokepictures, popscreen, whenfathersday2014, quoteko, simplepeacock.tumblr, dumpaday, thechive


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