Ladies of London – RECAP! “Red, White and Blue-Blooded” #LadiesOfLondon

Hello my London lovies! I hope you’re enjoying Ladies of London as much as I am! Let’s look back at last week. Caprice was in the papers for her two babies. Annabelle was training for a charity horse race and everyone was attending the Serpentine.

Now on with the show!

Marissa is meeting Juliet for drinks. Marissa shares with her that she’s getting her British citizenship soon; so this year will be her last to celebrate the 4th of July as an American. She asks Juliet to host the party with her at her new restaurant, Bumpkin. Juliet wants a big cardboard cutout of Obama and Uncle Sam for decorations at their party. Marissa tells her no because it’s not proper. Caroline’s talking head says that it’s ironic they’re hosting a 4th of July party in London. I agree.

Why is Caprice giving her dog pineapple, by the way? It’s way too acidic for a little dog! She bugs me; I’m sorry. She cares way too much about being in the society pages for my taste. Like Alex that was on RHONY some years back.

Annabelle’s grandma is visiting her and she’s precious. They’re discussing some captain Santinelli character and it has some major significance to their family and who will take the throne next. Not sure, I’m too American to keep up! I love Annabelle and her grandmother. They’re funny and drama free. They also talk about Alexander McQueen and it just makes me sad. He left us way before his time. 😦

Caroline is at work and who’s this cutie in her office? Rrrrrrr

I love her business! She’s a genius IMO!

Now we are in East London. Annabelle is mentoring an up and coming designer. I didn’t catch her name but I really like her work. Marissa is overseeing the final details for her 4th of July party. Juliet gets there just as the party is starting even though she’s co-hosting the event. She’s is annoying as fuck, I’m sorry! She also dresses like shit for being a stylist. Caroline’s makeup artist is adorable. He has no idea what the 4th of July is about and for some reason I find him precious as he talks about it. Moving over to Noelle. She can claim all she wants that she doesn’t care about Scot’s money, but she so does! Caroline is a good sport with her red, white and blue she’s wearing to Marissa’s party. I obviously love her! Annabelle came in all black as she states the Brits are in mourning on the 4th. I get it. Caprice looks beautiful at the party, as always. She informs Marissa that she hasn’t celebrated the 4th of July in the 17 years that she’s lived in London.

I like the party. It’s cute and looks like fun! Although Juliet talks way too much. Oh dear, Annabelle just told her to shut up. I’m high 5’ing her all the way from the states! Caroline is giving Juliet a hard time about her outfit. She likes Juliet so Juliet is just going along with it. It’s hilarious! I like Caroline’s sense of humor.

Marissa is giving a toast and is so adorable. She is who she is and isn’t a wannabe Brit with a fake accent like Caprice. Why is Juliet singing the National Anthem? I’m with Caprice on this one, “That’s why the Brits make fun of Americans.” and Annabelle, “.. more like the Star Strangled Banner.” I love Annabelle! She doesn’t play and takes prisoners; she’s great!

Photo: She's certainly a cheeky one. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Get to know #LadiesofLondon's Annabelle.:

The Juliet and Annabelle fight was unnecessary. What was it even about? Juliet doesn’t get the Brit’s humor and Annabelle was fed up with her over the top American loudness. Juliet is talking mad shit about Annabelle to all the ladies at the party after Annabelle left. Caprice gets mad and runs after Annabelle. Then Noelle asks Caprice if she’s ok. Wtf? Why is Noelle all up Caprice’s bum all the time?

Just let Annabelle go and she’ll be fine. Caprice is all hormonal and decides to chastise Juliet about being too outspoken. It’s crazy!

Next week on Ladies of London…

Caroline is upset because Caprice turns down her offer to host a baby shower for her at her home. Noelle and Scot have a fight and they might be over for good. Stay tuned! See you next week!



photo credit: Bravotv, okherethesituation, Ladies of London fb page


2 thoughts on “Ladies of London – RECAP! “Red, White and Blue-Blooded” #LadiesOfLondon

  1. Annabelle ‘ s also said that Juliet is special needs. That comment is so rude and hurtful to anyone with special needs or anyone that has a child with special needs. I would like to see Bravo kick her off the show for that alone. She is honestly so annoying. Stop drowning on about Alexander McQueen already and go get a job. I mean it must be nice living off mummy and daddy’s trust fund.


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