Real Housewives of Orange Country – RECAP! “Not a Good Day LA” #RHOC

Hey everyone, it’s OC Monday! On last week’s episode Heather was asked to guest host Good Day LA. Shannon had a lovely Christmas party that ended in a ton of drama and Tamra fought with Heather. Then Heather received a phony phone call from her “sick son” and high tailed it on home.

This week’s episode opens with Vicki meeting for tea with Heather. They’re discussing Tamra being a bad friend and gymgate. Vicki tells Heather that she doesn’t think that Tamra knows how to get close to people. Vicki also shares with Heather that she makes people feel that she’s superior to them. Heather says in her talking head that’s people’s own problem if they feel that way about her and they must be insecure. Vicki ends up telling Heather that it’s possible that she’s just insecure. Ok… Then Heather informs Vicki that it’s hurtful when she falls asleep while she’s talking to her. Vicki was too busy dozing off to hear that Heather’s bothered by that. LOL, just kidding!

For the record, I think it’s hilarious when Vicki does that to people!

Lizzie is judging a Miss Santa Monica pageant and now I’m snoring. Zzzzzzzz .. zzz… zzzzzzzzzzzz

Eddie and Tamra kind of bother me and by bother I mean that they have a fake marriage. Right?

It’s Heather’s co-hosting/CUT Fitness day on Good Day LA. It seems like Eddie wears the same outfit everyday. I don’t see him everyday, but I bet it’s true. Eddie and a trainer from their gym are loading equipment in the studio for their Good Day LA guest spot. Heather starts her hosting gig for one second and I’m already annoyed with her. Why on earth is she hosting a morning show anyway? Ok, now where did Heather go? The CUT Fitness segment is starting and she’s no where to be found. Maybe her son’s fake sick again. Oh wait, she was just changing into her workout gear. My bad. Why didn’t she come to the studio already dressed in workout clothes so she would be ready for their exercise segment which was first? I don’t claim to be a genius; that just seems logical. Tamra is unhappy with how Heather introduced her and her gym. There’s no winning with that one, is there? Hey Tamra, your starter gym just got featured on national television so shut up and be grateful!

Shannon is a real bitch to her husband, IMO. They’re helping one of their daughters with her homework. Shannon complains how he tutors her. Then David suggests cutting out some of the extra stuff the family does like massages, voice lessons and such so they can travel more. Shannon bitches about that too! Then David is drinking a water and Shannon gives him a hard time about drinking it in the kitchen instead of the bedroom. I think that Shannon is a pain in the ass and a control freak.

Briana and Ryan arrive at Vicki’s house for the gender reveal of their baby.They had colored balloons put in a huge box and when they open it either blue or pink balloons will pop out and let everyone know the sex. Seriously with the big to do? Just say, “It’s a boy!” shit… Vicki has made it very clear that she wants it to be a girl, but they’re having a boy. Woo hoo, I love boys!

Tamra is driving to work and calls Heather on her way. She invites Heather to lunch so they can talk about gymgate. I don’t get why Tamra is even on this show. She’s not rich or fab. What gives?

Shannon’s at the cardiologist because she’s been having chest pains. She wants tests run to figure out what’s wrong with her. She’s been very stressed over her failing marriage. Then in her talking head she asks, “Why don’t I just go to sleep with David instead of staying up until midnight?” Uh duh, why doesn’t she? That might help them reconnect as a couple.

Tamra and Heather are having a sit down. She’s telling Heather all the things that she wished she would have said while on Good Day LA. Heather says in her talking head that she could’ve given Tamra some talking points to help her in her guest spot, but she didn’t. Tamra feels that Heather was icy to her while they were on Good Day LA and I agree. Heather tells Tamra that she expected her to call and apologize after their fight at Shannon’s Christmas party. Tamra doesn’t get what she was supposed to apologize for. This whole thing is whack! Heather, how’s the weather way up there on your high horse? Ok, now it’s starting to make some sense. I think Heather promoted that other gym first because the producers arranged for them to be on. It was her first time to guest host so she was afraid to push her friend’s gym instead; so she just went with it. She didn’t want to lose her opportunity to co-host in the future. I can’t with Tamra. She’s a hot mess and should really get off the show. Oh wow, Tamra just revealed to Heather that David had sent an email to Shannon suggesting that they get a divorce. That’s harsh and all sorts or shady boots!

Lizzie and her boobs are preparing dinner with her mother. She’s talking about her husband and he sounds like a clueless dad. That has to suck!

Shannon is a mess, bless her heart. She visits Tamra to cry on her shoulder about her rocky marriage. I think the problem is that she’s a needy pain in the butt that doesn’t give her husband any attention. I doubt he wants to come home to her sour puss everyday. Oh boy, Shannon just found out that Tamra told Heather that her husband sent her the divorce email. The Beadors are pissed at Tamra!

On next week’s Real Housewives of Orange County…

Shannon will have a sit down with both Tamra and Heather but not at the same time, of course. I swear, they should change the name of this show to “Real Housewives of Sit Downs!” See you next week!

photo credit: Getty Images, Bravotv, allthingsrh, realitytvmagazine.sheknows, usmagazine, allabouttrh


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