Jill Zarin to Star in CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP!

Have you ever watched Celebrity Wife Swap? I caught it one night when Jermaine Jackson and Daniel Baldwin were on and it was pure comedic gold! The episode with Jill Zarin who once starred on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York will air on Tuesday, July 15th on the ABC network and will also star Jenna Von Oy. Von Oy is most famous for her role on ‘Blossom’ in which she played Six.

     The show’s about mothers in two celebrity families with vastly diverse values switching homes (but not bedrooms) — embarking on a journey like no other and revealing the various ways some controversial celebrities live their lives. The two moms are given the chance to see how another celebrity raises their children and deals with life in the spotlight, while allowing both couples the opportunity to re-discover why they love each other and decided to get together in the first place. It’s a mind-blowing experiment that will change their lives forever.

In each of the episodes, two mothers with very different types of households swap lifestyles and children in a week-long challenge. In the first part of the swap, each mom moves into the other’s home and adopts their new celebrity family’s lifestyle, no matter how different it may be. They agree to follow a manual written by the departing mother that sets out the rules of their new household – how they parent, manage their social life, do house work, unwind and more.

In the second half of the week, everything changes. The new moms take charge. They introduce their own set of rules and get to run the new household their way. It’s a radical shock to both celebrity families. The results are explosive, enlightening, emotional and often very funny.

Source: ABC new, tvguide


7 thoughts on “Jill Zarin to Star in CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP!

  1. Jill Zarin is so desperate to be on TV. She still can’t believe she was fired from Bravo, She humiliated herself when speaking to Andy Cohen, about how “popular” she is with fans, actually most popular. It just showed how full of herself she is.


      • Jill Zarin is an offensive excuse for a person. She is a
        worthless human being. She is disgusting. Please stop putting her on television!!!!!


      • She said “Kids are overrated” Well, if that wasn’t showing her true colors. She is more interested in her “social circle than her kids and grandchildren. Her husband threw a
        “typical” party for them, his kids were there with their small children. His son admitted that they don’t even speak to them when they are there with the kids, They buy the little kids toys to occupy them. Jill was on RHONY for several years before I ever knew Bobbie had any kids. We saw his daughter in one episode during a fund raiser. Then when Luanne did a music Video in Atlantic City, she mentioned since nobody else wanted to go, she invited the kids. Last Comment on her, she was on Oprah’s where are they now, she said she typed an email that she was going to quit, then was talked out of it or thought better of it, then the next day she was fired. That was the first time she ever said that, didn’t mention that when talking to Andy Cohen. Just saw the Lindsay Lohan episode with him and she said she had a message from Jill. Jill thinks she and my mom should be on the RHONY and the ratings would go up. How egotistical.


      • Hi Janet!
        I agree with you on all counts. Jill is a horrible person! I don’t see how her husband does it. Ally was loving the changes that Jenna did while she was with them and Bobby seemed to love the new rules too. They both said that it would never fly if Jill was there or that she would hate it. I can’t believe Jill said that she doesn’t’ have a child so that’s why she treats her dog like one. I bet that broke Ally’s heart. It broke mine! Speaking of Oprah’s “Where Are They Now?”… Danielle Staub was supposed to be on last Sunday and OWN never aired it. People, including myself, were tweeting Danielle asking her what happened and she never replied. Seems like there’s a story there!


      • Regarding Danielle Staub she is another train wreck, full of herself, and her “thug” friends. Glad she isn’t on anymore.


  2. I agree! I can’t stand Jill Zarin. Please stop putting her on TV. She is an awful person! Her husband is super-gross, too!


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