Ladies of London “Mad as a Hatter” RECAP! #LadiesOfLondon

Hi there, mates! It’s my favorite time of the week, Ladies of London time. Let’s talk about last week’s episode. Marissa was preparing for her 4th of July party. Noelle and Scot were looking for a new flat to share and Juliet got into a row with Annabelle.

Let’s move into tonight’s episode. Juliet is making chocolate chip cookies from an instant packet with her kiddos. Hey, at least she didn’t have the nanny do it, right? Her kids are adorable! They have British accents and ways about them… I die!

Caroline stops by to visit Annabelle. They’re discussing 4th of Julygate. Caroline thinks that Caprice’s behavior at the 4th of July party was out of line. Annabelle thinks that the way Juliet behaved was extremely rude. Caroline still likes Juliet. She says she that Juliet just talks before she thinks and that’s what gets her into trouble.

Caprice has her glam squad over getting her all dolled up. She’s also preparing to bring home one of her twin babies from LA. The one her surrogate is carrying. She will be spending quite a bit of time over there when she visits to pick up her new baby so she has a lot of preparing to do.

Juliet is meeting her husband for drinks and they rehash her fight with Annabelle. Caroline calls her while she’s hanging with her husband to let Juliet know that her behavior at Marissa’s 4th of July party was inappropriate and that she owes Annabelle an apology. Apparently it’s a rule among Brits not to fight with another in the streets. We don’t have that rule on this side of the pond. I’ve fronted people out not only in the streets, but on a golf course, at Toys R Us, at a jewelry trunk show… when a bitch gets cheeky; I’ma let her know! I would have zero friends in London, it seems. LOL!

Juliet is preparing for her hat party she’s hosting before they attend the races at Sandown. The Milliner just arrived. I love it and OMG, the decor at this party is absolutely adorable! I love Caroline and Juliet’s friendship too. Side note: I’m starting to like Juliet. I know that I gave her hell on the past episodes, but she’s redeeming herself big time tonight. I love me a good, creative party! Plus, she’s no longer being a big mouth bitch. Yay because I really wanted to like her. Now Caprice is taking over the bitch role. I’m tempted to let it go though since she’s preggers and all. Oh gah, ya we know Noelle; you want to crawl up Caprice’s butt and settle in forever. Ugh, how annoying she is with the ass kissing of Caprice all the damn time! Moving on…

I’m liking new girl Julie! She’s from Chi town like Juliet and they’re talking to one another about their favorite places to go when they’re in the states, like Target. Caprice rolls her eyes. Newsflash Caprice, you’re American, so is your baby daddy and one of your new twin babies, for that matter, ugh! What’s her beef? Do you think it’s because Americans fight in the streets? LOL!

Noelle is flat shopping with Scot, again. It looks like she got a new realtor too. Ooh, Bravo should so do a Million Dollar Listing London! You’re welcome, Bravo; you can have that one! The flat they’re looking at is awesome, IMO and Noelle is making an offer. I wonder if she pays for it or Scot or do they go halfsies? I’m sure Scot pays for that and everything else. I like him. He seems sweet.

Annabelle is getting ready for the fashion show for Conchita Perez; that designer she’s mentoring. Whoa, look at those shoes! They’re worse than the Maloof Hoof, LOL!

Surely that design won’t be catching on, sorry Conchita! Marissa arrives and it’s pouring down rain. There’s a huge leak in the roof above the catwalk. Marissa is freaking out and Annabelle just rolls with it. The models get through the show without falling in one of the puddles on the runway; so I’d say that the show was a success.

Caroline and Caprice are walking around town while discussing Annabelle and Juliet, again. I’m loving Caroline’s Chanel sunglasses. Caprice wants to know why Caroline didn’t jump in on the Annabelle and Juliet fight. Caroline tells her that she chose not to and they can just agree to disagree on the matter. Caroline mentions that she didn’t care for how Juliet reacted to Annabelle at the 4th of July party though and they leave it at that. Caroline and Caprice are baby clothes shopping and apparently Caroline offered to host Caprice’s baby shower at her home. Caprice tells her that she lives too far from London which is where all her guests live and suggests that Caroline host it at a restaurant in London instead. Caroline corrects that she actually lives just 30 minutes outside of London and says that Caprice’s friends should be fine with making the drive for their friend. Her feelings are hurt that Caprice isn’t keen on her baby shower being at Caroline’s house. I agree with Caroline, of course. If someone offers up their home; you take it! Especially Caroline and her fab self.

Noelle calls Marissa to complain about Scot pushing back their move a few days. Noelle has just won the Pain in the Ass award. Does she really have nothing else to do then bitch about random, no big deal things that her boyfriend does? I feel sorry for Scot, but he settled on her; so that’s on him. Also, Noelle’s makeup is always odd, right? Girlfriend needs to blend or something…

Now the ladies are headed to the horse race. As soon as they get into the limo Caprice brings up 4th of Julygate. What’s her deal? I haven’t’ seen so much shit stirring since RHOC! I don’t think Annabelle and Juliet’s disagreement has anything to do with Caprice’s bee’s wax. I’m with Marissa, I feel uncomfortable watching them go at it about this topic nonstop.

I love Caprice’s dress though! I actually like everyone’s for this event. Well, except Noelle’s. Julie and Juliet have too similar names for my taste. It’s like all the Joes and Teresas on RHoNJ, LOL I can’t deal! Maybe we can call one “The blonde” and the other “the brunette”? I’ll be ok… I love Marissa’s facial expressions all the time. She’s so animated but would probably suck at playing poker.

Julie- the blonde one, just shared with the group that her in laws are Earl and Countess of Sandwich; which makes her Lady Hinchingbrooke. Her husband, Luke is Viscount Hinchingbrooke heir to the Earl of Sandwich. She invites the ladies to his family’s Mapperton estate. The ladies are very excited about it and that’s where we’ll pick up next week.

Next week on Ladies of London… The ladies visit the Earl of Sandwich estate. They meet Lord of Sandwich. I hope he’s not a douche like Lord Disick. They also shoot skeet and find time to gossip. See you then!

Photo credit: Bravotv, bravowatch, variety, dailymail, allaboutthetea, contactmusic, pinterest, amormagazine


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