Real Housewives of Orange County “Skunk in the Barnyard” #RHOC RECAP!

Hi everyone! It’s that time of the week again. Drama and botox in the OC! Let’s review what happened on last week’s episode. Vicki found out the gender of her new grand child. Shannon shared with Tamra a divorce email that David sent her and Heather hosted CUT Fitness on Good Day LA.

Tonight’s episode starts out with Shannon sharing more TMI with Tamra regarding her marriage. Shannon’s having a tough time right now and I feel for her. As she’s talking with Tamra; she receives a text from her husband informing her that fancy pants is gossiping about their troubled marriage to all her friends while out at lunch. Now Shannon is really panicking and Tamra denies telling anyone about the email David sent to Shannon. Even though we all saw Tamra tell Heather about it on last week’s episode.

Shannon Beador

Oh goody, Vicki just received a call from Brooks. How is he still in the picture? He’s the biggest cheese dick there is! Apparently Brooks, Vicki, Shannon and David are going on a vaca together to Mexico. I’m rolling my eyes off over here right now.

Shannon’s making cupcakes with her daughters when David gets home from work. Already, Shannon starts in on him, “Wow, you’re home early!” Then gives him a hard time about coming home and eating chips and salsa everyday after work. I don’t get her constant nagging her husband all the time over stupid stuff. Everyone has a thing that annoys them about their spouse, but you have to learn to accept it as a quirk and pick your battles.

Shannon does a pop in at the Dubrows. Awkward! Terry can’t play off shit either, can he? He’s all fumbling around making too strong drinks and tidying up while Heather and Shannon have their impromptu sit down. Shannon’s there to discuss the divorce email that David sent her. She wants to know how Heather found out about it since Shannon only told Tamra. Then Heather launches into full on bitch mode. Well, maybe it wasn’t a launch; more like Heather’s just being her usual bitchy self as Terry looks on, smiling. Creepy much? Let the lady folk talk in peace! What’s up with Heather always expecting an apology from everyone? Not to mention that she totally brushed aside how she was gossiping to her friends about divorce email gate. I would venture to say that’s not one to put on the back burner. Everything’s always about fancy pants though as she is the queen of bitchville, it seems. Then she tells Shannon that Tamra discussed that Shannon drinks too much and her marriage is falling apart. I love how Shannon twists Heather’s words back on her, by the way. Oh boy, Heather just told Shannon that she needs to take care of her family and leave! In a nutshell, Heather’s a bitch, but we already covered that, didn’t we? All Shannon wanted was to find out if Tamra told Heather about the divorce email. Why couldn’t Heather just give her a yay or nay? Heather’s breaking girl code big time, IMO. Shannon calls David on her way home to tell him what happened while she was at Heather’s. He’s very sympathetic and concerned for her and tells her that he will be waiting for her when she gets home; so she can tell him all about it. Smart move, David!

Aaaaaaand now we’re in Mexico, barf! Vicki newsflash, Brooks doesn’t give a flip about your family memories in Puerto Vallarta. Unless you’re going to talk about your money that you plan on giving him; que no le importa!

Tamra has a robot baby delivered to their house; so Eddie can test drive having a baby or some such nonsense. Of course she takes a pic of the poor, fake baby’s penis. She’s trash, I’m sorry. They name the baby Astro and I’m off to get more wine…

Shannon’s house is fabulous! She has an essential oils specialist over to give a presentation for Danielle and Lizzie. I love Doterra’s essential oils! They’re all natural and totally work. I like to diffuse them. It makes the house smell great and kills the toxins in the air. My fav oil is On Guard. It combats germs and smells like red hots. You can even ingest it for a clean mouth and fresh breath.

Now Heather and Tamra are talking on the phone about Shannon while Shannon is at her oil party talking to Danielle and Lizzie about Heather. Danielle tells Shannon that if she drank vodka like Shannon does then she would be falling on her ass all the time. Where did that come from? Not diggin’ this Danielle chick. She seems to be trying a bit too hard for camera time. Shannon gets pissed at her and tells her that she is being way too judgmental and I agree. What guest in your home pulls that kind of crap anyway? The poor oil lady is probably wondering what the heck she has gotten herself into with this group of ladies, LOL! Although FYI, there is no bitch be gone oil. Believe me, I’ve checked!

Lizzie is at her gyno with her sister and all I can think of is, “Does she always wear that much makeup?” I hate makeup! Especially in the summer with all the humidity. I’ve never tried false lashes either. They scare me. I would so get glue in my eyes if I ever attempted to apply them; so no spidey lashes for me!

Oh son of a margarita, Brooks and Vicki are getting a couples massage! More vino for me…

Vicki is sharing way too much information for my taste. Cut to Brooks’ crotch shot, what?! Ewwwwww, I can’t deal!

Oh happy day, Shannon and Tamra are having another sit down, of freaking course! Also having dinner are the Dubrows and Lizzie. Lizzie’s husband, Christian was supposed to be there too, but he skipped. I mean, he has the “flu” cough, bullshit! Shannon looks really pretty at her sit down with Tamra and Tamra looks like the used up rat that she is. Seriously, why is Tamra on this show? I will never understand. I also don’t get why Shannon isn’t pissed at Tamra for telling Heather about divorce email gate. I know it’s easy to focus being mad at Heather because she’s such a bitch, but still. Tamra started this mess! If I were Shannon, I wouldn’t have had this sit down with Tamra. I would just save it all for the reunion and let Tamra marinate on what she did for a while. Then, just when she thinks she got away with it, BAM! I’m a stealth bomber bitch like that.

Oh wow, Lizzie was in the middle of telling Heather that she’s on her side and likes her more than Shannon when Heather cuts her off with, “So anyway I was just saying that…” Wtf? I would’ve walked out of there right then. Who does Heather think she is cutting people off all the time with her fancy pants?

Next week on Real Housewives of Orange County… Eddie deserts Tamra and their new robot baby. Shannon confides in Vicki while in Mexico and gets in a fight with David. Stay tuned!

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6 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Orange County “Skunk in the Barnyard” #RHOC RECAP!

  1. I’m cracking up about Heather asking Tamra if she has ever done anything to upset her……um, #1,000,000,1. Spread the gossip that she said was supposed to keep to herself. Granted, Tamra started it but who shares that with acquaintances? How did DVid know anyways? Was he at the same restaurant or maybe they are good friends with one of the acquaintances?

    I about lost my dinner during the massage scene! Ew! Double Ew! It was interesting to hear that Vicky’s place was actually owned by her parents. I guess I say that due to her bragging about how much money she has over the last 8 years.

    That mechanical baby gives me the heebie jeebies because it’s the same one my kids had to being home over a weekend in their freshman year of high school. I heard that cry for weeks after the assignment and swore it was like chuckle following us around stores!

    Love your write up! 🙂


    • Hi Duffy!
      I know, right? Heather is unbelievable in my book. I figured David found out because maybe Terry told him. He’s a very catty man I could see him doing that. Just like he did with that text that he sent Tamra about Good Day LA. Brooks is gross! I don’t think Vicki should be worried about filling up her love tank as much as she should be concerned with who’s filling it. Ew, it’s too much to think about! Tamra’s robot baby store line is just weird. What grown up with four kids does that? She doesn’t need more kids anyway. Robot or human, she should stop, IMO!
      Great to see you around here! 🙂


  2. I like your recap! I totally agree with your take on the Danielle comment thought it was very callous when Shannon is sharing how she was hurt by an attack on her reputation. I find women like this very dense in the sensitivity dept. Lizzie is too set on riding Heather’s coat tails at any cost so I would not bother with those two. What I think will be intresting is what will be the fall out when Tamra goes ape shit mad at Lizzie for her suggesting Eddie wants to have sex with her and Tamra goes running off. Who will Heather back then? Will Lizzie and her kissing Heather’s bony area come in handy or not? Danielle needs to go boring average and I don’t give a shit that she can’t hold her liquor. Shannon I love!


    • I was team Lizzie when this season started, but have quickly jumped off that train. She’s too much of a butt kisser. If she’s not doing that then she’s telling the world how sucky of a dad her husband is. I’m not in favor of any of that nonsense. She needs to get it together and be herself. I also don’t like Danielle. I hope she fades away.


  3. You guys hit it right on the nose. I cant help but Fast Forword Lizzie, she is playing dumb & ass kissing Heathers ass (even Heather didnt want to be stuck sitting across from Lizzie at “Chairgate”) Wake up LIzzie, you mean nothing to Heather! She only needs you as a “warm body” ally. You mean nothing to her!Why is such a classy lady like Shannon allowing herself to bitch out David on camera? Wake up lady!!! Tamra, WTF? you know with every cell of your being that Heather is a sociopath, why are you so drawn to please her? I think you are fascinated with Heather’s evil. Run away!


    • Hi Marna!
      The way Heather treated Shannon was awful! It would not surprise me if she didn’t have any friends in real life. With the way things are going so far on the OC; their reunion should be explosive! Looking forward to it.
      Thanks for reading!


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