Million Dollar Listing Miami “The Ultimate Luxury Playground” RECAP!

Hey you guys! I’ve been waiting in such anticipation for months for Million Dollar Listing Miami to premiere! It did not disappoint either. Let’s get right to it and meet the agents.

Chris Leavitt is a transplant from New York. He opens the episode being awaken by his housekeeper. The first thing he says to her when he wakes up is, “Where’s my juice?” Then, as Chris is about to leave to meet his client; his lovely housekeeper tells him that he looks beautiful and reminds him to finish his juice. I’m loving his housekeeper! I wonder if she is willing to commute to another state? 😉 I’m really liking Chris too. He’s adorable! I would love to carry him around with me all day in my handbag. It’s big enough, LOL! Now Chris is at the beach with his client, madame Sandy. She’s in a hooded, full length fox fur coat, on the beach. I love madame Sandy already. I bet she’s a tough customer though.

Sam DeBianchi is a Miami native. She owns her own firm. In her opening scene; she’s busy getting fab with her Chanel makeup, bag and shoes. Then runs out to walk her dog. After the dog walk she’s off to meet fellow agent, Rachel for lunch. They’re discussing a listing at the Trump Royale. It’s a huge opportunity for Sam. The developer for the listing is Gil Dezer and apparently is a big deal in Miami real estate.

This is Chad Carroll. He’s the third agent featured in this series. He’s from Columbus Ohio and is so reminding me of Ryan Serhant already. That’s a good thing. I love Ryan of MDLNY! We are introduced to him as he wakes up in the morning, washes his face then starts working out. After he gets ready for the day he drives out to his listing which is on the primo Palm Island. It happens to belong to a co-worker of his and her husband. They want to sell because their kids are grown and they need a bigger place. Their current house has a dance floor which makes me wonder if they’re serious about selling it. Seriously, a dance floor! I’d be doing the cupid shuffle everyday on that thing like nobody’s business! The sellers bought their home in 2000 for a bit over $1 million and want to list it for $4.2. It’s been on the market for a while at that price and there have been no bites; so that’s why they called on Chad. They’re willing to lower it to $3.999 mil. Chad suggests that they list it at around $3.8. The seller says he will take a $3.8 offer, but wants it listed at $3.999 million. Chad agrees and is excited to show the property.

Chris arrives at his Bal Habour St. Regis listing. He’s supposed to meet his client at the property, but she’s not there when he arrives for their meeting. She calls to let him know that she had to fly to New York on business at last minute and wants to do their meeting by video chat instead. It’s a penthouse and it’s gorgeous! Chris suggests $5.999 for a listing price. Madame Sandy says no, $7 million. She ultimately agrees to the $5.999, but instructs Chris to sell it quickly or he’ll lose the listing.

Sam has a listing at the Sunny Isles Trump Royale. It’s the penthouse, 6421 sqft, 2 story, 4 bedrooms, 6 baths, all the upgrades, ocean views and hotel amenities. She and Rachel are having a meeting with developer, Gil Dezer. Things get a bit awkward when Sam reveals that she not only googled Dezer and knows everything about him, but she gets google alerts on him as well. He seems a bit freaked out, but they move forward anyway. She’s just nervous and over shared, I think. Dezer wants to list it at $9 million, no discounts. Then Sam commits to selling it at full ask in 30 days. $222,500 commission for Sam if she can pull this off.

Chris is at his house, drawing a bath. Apparently he takes 16 baths a week; he loves them and calls baths his therapy. He makes calls while he soaks.

Chad is talking to his social media PR person. Then has a meeting with his staff about his open house party on Palm Island.

Chris is preparing for a private showing of his Bal Harbour listing at the St. Regis. He has an international buyer in from Russia. They love it but then break it to Chris that they already put down on a penthouse property that hasn’t even been built. Nyet!

Sam is meeting with a party planner for her listing party at Trump Royale. It’s going to cost her $25,000 just to cater the party. She’s willing to pull out all the stops though as she only has 30 days to close the deal. She’s putting the finishing touches on her open house party as prospects start to arrive. Gil Dezer attends the party and also fellow agents, Chad and Chris. Sam takes Chad and Chris on the tour and Chad is making it known that he hates the place and says it’s over priced. Then Chad starts busting Gil’s balls and tells him that he should have listed it at $7 mil tops. Sam takes Chad to the side and basically bitches him out. I don’t think Chad’s as helpful as he thinks.

Chris meets the Russian buyer and her agent for lunch. They have an offer, but it’s a lease to own $5.850 mil/$22,000 a month lease. Chris calls madame to run the offer by her. She doesn’t like it at first, but later agrees to it with the addition of the option for the buyer to put down 20% of ask which will go toward escrow when she buys the property after her lease expires. The Russian agrees to the terms.

Cha chingski!

Chad is talking to his assistant about his listing party for the Palm Island property. Stacey is his client and his co-worker. She informs Chad that she cancelled the open house party because it might rain outside. Chad’s pissed.

What did you think of Million Dollar Listing Miami? I love it! Hope to see you back next week!


Photo credit: Bravotv, burningbowtie, blogs.miaminewtimes, poptower, zap2it, balharbourstregis, aquaterrarealty


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