Real Housewives of Orange County “La-Bomb-A” RECAP!


 Hey everybody! I hope you all had a fun 4th of July weekend!

Last week on the OC, Tamra was wanting Eddie to take an active role in the parenting of their robot baby, Astro. The Beadors were making Mexico hella awkward. Lizzie was keeping with her trend of complaining about her husband’s daddy skills; or lack there of. Then she follows that point with expressing how much she wants another baby. Make sense? No? I know, what the heck, right?

This week’s episode picks up in Mexico. Apparently Shannon isn’t just a buzz kill for David in the OC. She also is annoying in Mexico. Hey, at least she’s consistent!

David tells Shannon that he doesn’t care what others say about their marriage. It only matters what they feel. I agree! Who cares about everyone else? I mean look at Tamra; she has a fake baby at her house right now. How normal is that? Oh awesome, now Brooks is giving them cheesy advice and makes an even more cheesy toast.

At least he got Shannon to lighten up though. Then Vicki chimes in with one of her old chestnuts, “We’re going to Andales! We’re having tequila! We’re gonna dance on the tables and whoop it up!” For once, I’m so on board with Vicki. I must find this Andales place of which she speaks. My luck, Brooks would be there…

Now they’re at Andales, dancing on the bar and Vicki says that the difference between Shannon and Heather are: Shannon is “woohoo!” and Heather is “Zzzzzzz…” LOL! It looks like they’re having a great time.

So now Astro’s crying, again. Eddie asks Tamra what’s wrong with him. She says that she doesn’t even care anymore. She just wants him to stop before she drives her car into a brick wall. They’re at their gym and Ryan walks in and Tamra tries to pass the robot baby on him. Ryan’s not too interested. He’s there to discuss CUT Fitness’ year anniversary party which is happening in 6 weeks. They need to do some improvements to their brand new gym before they celebrate the milestone. Like get new floors. Apparently Eddie had the bright idea to install wood floors over padding and the floor buckled. It was a $30,000 epic fail on Eddie’s part. It also seems that Tamra throws that one in his face every chance she gets.

The Dubrows are out to dinner and Heather is making excuses for why they go out to eat so much and why they had to have their nanny meet them at the restaurant to take their kids away from them so they could have dinner by themselves. Heather approaches Terry about getting a dog. Even though he’s wanted a dog for over 10 years and she always told him no. She likes the idea of a rescue, but she would rather have a pedigree dog. I totally agree with her, for once! She wants to make a donation to the shelter so she won’t feel bad about purchasing a registered dog breed that’s the right fit for their family and their allergies. Terry agrees with her and Heather gets pissed; so he then asks if they could just get a cat. Then Heather’s head almost explodes. LOL, I love Terry sometimes!

Vicki makes a reservation for Shannon and David to have a nice, romantic lunch by the river. That’s sweet of her! She says that they need their couple time. Cut to Shannon rolling her eyes saying that when she and David argue; they make up really fast like nothing ever happened and that they really don’t need special couple time.

First, they’re all going horseback riding though. Shannon busts out her Spanish to the ranch guy that’s getting their horses ready for their ride. She asks him some questions. That’s the way to go when travelling abroad. Speak their language if possible. It makes things a whole hell of a lot easier and fun.

Lizzie is determined to get her swimsuit line in all the fab boutiques in the OC. I love Sun Kitten! Lizzie’s swim line should be in all the awesome retail stores, worldwide, IMO. Go Lizzie and best of luck! She really wants this to happen. She says that her dad advanced her $100,000 to launch her brand and she doesn’t want to fail him.

Shannon and David are having their romantic lunch that Vicki set up for them by the river. Aaaand it’s not going well. Shannon’s telling David not to drink tequila. He says, “Fuck that! I’ll drink whatever I want when I want!” Damn straight, David! I have a friend that her husband likes to drink whisky when hanging with his buddies, but when he drinks he gets a bit too crazy for his wife. She demanded that he cut out the whiskey and last I heard; she was cheating on him. Like big time. Which made me realize that it wasn’t about the whisky because he did stop… I’ll shut up now. Shannon says that she wants to be a part of his team instead of his roommate. She tells him that she doesn’t recognize him anymore. David tells her that he just wants to be happy because he works hard, they have a great life and should be happy. Then he tells Shannon that she isn’t happy with herself. Shannon thinks he means that he’s not happy with her. He assures her that he loves her and she doesn’t feel that he actually does. Whew, what a doozy of a romantic lunch! David says unless they put the work in then they won’t be successful. He adds that they have to take it slow, forgive one another; so they can heal. Great idea! I hope they can do it.

Now Tamra and Eddie are talking about how sucky they are with their fake baby. They’re going over the data of who took care of Astro the most. Tamra did the majority of the care taking and Eddie then makes it crystal clear that he absolutely does not want a baby. Then he turns to Tamra and asks her if she would breast feed him. TMI, dude!

Lizzie and Heather are having lunch at the same restaurant that Christian proposed marriage to Lizzie, The Ocean Club. Heather says all bitchy, “Really, here?” Easy bitch mama to the tenth power… Then of course she goes into her Paris airplane proposal story because she hasn’t told that one enough.

Shannon, David, Vicki and Brooks are having dinner on the beach and Brooks asks David who his favorite couple and least favorite couples are. What kind of bitch ass question is that? I have never been hanging out with a group of couples and have that kind of talk come out of a man’s mouth. Ever! David answers that it used to be Tamra and Eddie until Tamra went all over town telling people about their divorce email. Then Brooks tells his evil eye story about Tamra which I still think is hilarious!

Shannon says that she’s a lot closer to Vicki because of their Mexico trip.

The Dubrows are having 2 hypoallergenic puppies delivered to their home. Did they seriously name one Champers? Like that stupid name for champagne that Heather says all the time. Oh barf! Then after Heather holds the dog before her children do; they decide to leave the puppies that they got 5 seconds ago to head out to dinner. Yes, again with the going out to eat. Wtf? Order pizza like normal people and spend that quality time with your new dogs!

Tamra and her bangs come to visit Vicki at her office to talk about divorce email gate. Vicki’s like ya, not only did I tell you not to have another baby, but also that you are wrong about telling Heather about the Beador’s divorce email. I agree, go Vicki! Tamra, you got busted; that’s what you’re so mad about, nothing else! Also, side note: Vicki still doesn’t know what the word hypocrite means. That cracks me up for some reason because she’s arguing about it and she’s wrong. Vicki tells Tamra that what she did to Shannon was total bs. Again, I agree! Now Tamra pulled the, “Oh ya, well you did the same thing to me!” How old is Tamra? Seriously, she’s so disturbed in her brain.

Oh wow, next week on the Real Housewives of Orange County…

Shannon goes all psycho pants on Heather and David joins in! They’re claiming that the Dubrows told Tamra that they were going to take the Beadors down. Then Shannon storms off, again and screams like the crazy person that she is. Sounds juicy; can’t wait, LOL!

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2 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Orange County “La-Bomb-A” RECAP!

  1. Hilarious recap! I’m cracking up about the evil eye, too. What could possibly go wrong with a romantic lunch set up by Vicki. Woohoo! I really don’t watch these shows anymore because I love, love, love your recaps


    • Thanks BSL! I was cracking up when Brooks brought up the evil eye thing over a year after it happened. I’m also confused as to why Brooks is still on my tv. I assume it’s for the same reasons that Bravo keeps Brandi on RHOBH.


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