Real Housewives of New Jersey “What a Difference a Plea Makes” RECAP!

Hey guys, Jersey is back for their 6th season! Also, returning is Dina and we lost Caroline and Jacqueline, finally. There’s the addition of the Napolitano twins and an old friend of Melissa Gorga’s, Amber Marchese. Buckle up, here we go!

The season kicks off with a news story on tv at Melissa’s house about the Giudice’s legal woes. It lists all their charges and Joey looks like he’s about to cry. Melissa tells him that the fighting she and Teresa did in the past is not important right now; it’s all about family and being there for the Giudices. Then Melissa calls Teresa asking her about what she just saw on the news about them. Teresa assures her that the report isn’t true and gets off the phone. Gia was in the kitchen with Teresa while she had that call with Melissa on speaker phone and heard the entire conversation. Gia asks Teresa what that call was about. She tells Gia not to worry about any of it because that’s her job as her mother. Gia tells her that she’s old enough to understand and she’s knows what’s going on. Teresa tells her that she doesn’t want her and her sisters affected by it and then Gia starts crying. Then the show flashes back to 3 months ago. Teresa is cooking and Milania is attempting to do her homework. Milania is a hot bunch of mess! She’s always yelling and calling her family mean names. If Teresa and Joe end up going to jail; she’s sure to get worse. Yikes!

Dina comes over to Teresa’s house. She gifts Teresa with a guardian angel bracelet that her mother made. Then they start discussing Teresa’s legal issues. Teresa is so stressed that her problems wake her up in the middle of the night. I totally would be shitting bricks and pulling my hair out if I were the Giudices! I’m not cut out to be a criminal. Teresa also tells Dina that with all their attorney fees that they are not able to put money away for their kid’s college. Um, Gia is 13 and they’re just now thinking of that? We started a college fund for our boys when they were babies. We’re also honest people that pay our bills and don’t defraud others soooooo….

Now Dina is talking about her issues with her husband, Tommy. They’re separated because Tommy’s a cheater. He’s been cheating their entire marriage and also while they were dating. Not sure why it’s all the sudden bothering her. She says she hasn’t filed yet though because she has hope and she adores Tommy. Ok… Dina says that all that she loves is going away. Her daughter, Lexi is going off to college and she is separated from Tommy. Teresa tells her not to worry because she will always be there for her. They’ve been friends for over 20 years. Melissa and Joey are living in a rental home. I wonder if they will be able to still afford to move into their home that they’re having built with all the drama that’s going on with their Montville home. It’s basically falling apart, their renter has been paying them in bounced checks and there are beavers running amok in that place. Not Justin Bieber. Real beavers. Although I’d take real beavers over Justin, in case I’m ever asked to choose.

I’m also curious if Melissa is still trying to be a pop star, LOL! On display, on display, on display… each and everydaaaaaaay!

Teresa and Melissa are meeting at cheerleading practice for their girls, Antonia and Milania. Those girls are so cute and appear to have a very close relationship. Hey, at least Milania doesn’t yell at Antonia like she does everyone else on the planet.

New girl Amber used to be Melissa’s close friend. Once Melissa got married; she dropped Amber like a bad habit. I’m sure there’s a story there… Amber is a control freak, but in a good way. I really like her! She’s smart, pretty and goes after what she wants. She has a beautiful family and home; which is what we need on this show. I can’t stand the faux rich on housewives shows. Amber seems to be the real deal.

Dina is at her therapist and ZzzzzZzzzzzzzz.. I’m sorry, I fell asleep because Dina’s so freaking boring! I also can’t stand when they televise therapy sessions. It screams desperate, IMO. Moving on…

Now Milania is cooking with no adult supervision what so ever, LOL God bless her! I won’t say unattended though because we all know that word and also the words “pay attention” make Teresa go ape shit. Teresa comes into the kitchen and catches Milania making eggs and takes over just in time. No worries! It also looks like Milania is quite the little chef. Those eggs looked good! OMG, now Milania just yelled out to her family members, “shut your butthole!” holy crap, wtf? The Giudices are getting ready for Joe’s grandmother to visit for her birthday and they’re hosting a party for her. So sweet and they’re lucky to still have her in their lives. What a blessing!

Enter the twins. There’s Teresa, which is pronounced Teressa; so I’m just going to spell it that way to keep all the Teresas straight. Also Nicole, they’re identical, but thank heavens that their hair color is a bit different because that’s the only way we are going to be able to tell them apart. They’re exactly alike! The twins are hanging out with Amber. They all live in Colt’s Neck, NJ and their kids attend the same school; so they’re real friends. I think

I can’t really explain the twins. I hope you all are watching the show because seeing is believing with those two! They’re nonstop entertainment. I’m loving the new additions to RHONJ, btw. It’s sure to spice things up. I’m beyond glad that they finally got rid of Jacqueline and Caroline. Those 2 were like a buzz kill on crack. If that’s even possible. I don’t know who’s more entertaining the twins or Teressa’s husband, Rino. I love how he talks! He owns two restaurants and omg could you imagine having a husband that cooks? Although I’ll take my non cooking husband over loud mouth, creepy Rino anyday.

Are you just dying over Dina’s closet? I take back calling her boring. She’s totally redeemed herself with her awesome, non boring closet! Amber is preparing for her harvest party. It’s a formal affair and Amber’s kids are adorable and all dressed up. They’re greeting guests at the door and taking their coats and handbags. I can’t, it’s too cute! Joey is all excited about the twins and weird Rino is talking about his circumcision for some reason. Gross

BTW, what does “etiquettecy” mean? LOL, Amber! We should do a drinking game during Jersey episodes every time they say, “I’m Italian and we..” we would all get so wasted! I admire Amber. She’s a breast cancer survivor and has been cancer free for 5 years. She seems to use her cancer experience to improve upon herself and not take life for granted. Good for her!

LOL, Teresa just said that the twins remind her of how she used to be. Talk about an insult! Dina’s bonding with Nicole, the divorced twin. Amber is having a pow wow with Melissa. She asks Melissa why she disappeared from her life. She told Melissa that she wasn’t even there for her when she had cancer. Melissa claims that she didn’t know that Amber had cancer. How could she not know that? Amber even reminded her about a personal message that Melissa sent Amber on facebook asking about her cancer. Melissa is totally denying everything. Maybe it was Melissa’s sisters that sent Amber that message. LOL, it totally would not surprise me; those two chicks are evil!

Why did Melissa cut all ties with her friends after she got married? I understand falling out of touch, but ALL of her old friends? Something doesn’t smell right. Now Melissa is telling Amber that she didn’t call her either. Um hello, Amber was battling cancer! I would’ve distanced myself from anyone that didn’t support me too! How do you ignore your friend during cancer? So very telling on Melissa’s part, IMO. I’ve always thought that Melissa was a stone cold bitch that couldn’t be trusted. OMG, Milania is so mean. Some nice lady is styling Milania’s hair for her great grandma’s party and she yells that she’s the worst hair dresser that she ever met. Poor lady! They’re getting ready for grandma Giudice’s 80th birthday party. I love this! It’s so sweet! They haven’t been all together since Gia was a baby. Joe has a huge family and I imagine it’s quite difficult to get all of them in one place at the same time.

Joe gives a toast to his beloved nonni and I’m dying; so sweet! He’s the first grandchild of hers and now Gia’s crying again. 😦 God bless her. She has a lot of pressure on her right now; being the oldest and everything that’s going on with her parents.

Gia congratulates her dad on giving such a great toast for his grandma. Then she cries again. I feel for that little girl. Joe’s dad walks up while Joe and Gia are crying together. He tells them not to worry because he will always be there for them. That’s super sad seeing how Nonno Giudice passed away a few weeks ago.

Next week on the Real Housewives of New Jersey…

Joey tells Melissa that he’s invested all their money into a garbage business. Some psychic will be on the show too and everyone is yelling and I don’t get why. Stay tuned, LOL!



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2 thoughts on “Real Housewives of New Jersey “What a Difference a Plea Makes” RECAP!

  1. AMAAAAAZZING recap, SDG! I was LOLing the entire time reading it. The Justin Beaver and gif were hilarious. “Buzz kill on crack” is true, but at least I can laugh when I’m reading. Thank you for that.

    Your recaps are the funniest and most enjoyable. Please keep recapping. Love, love, love SDG!


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