Real Housewives of Orange County “Point Break” RECAP!

Hey everyone! It’s OC Monday! Last week, Tamra and Eddie failed at their robot baby; which made them realize they didn’t want to have children. Vicki reprimanded Tamra for telling Shannon’s marriage business to Heather and the Beadors were in Mexico with Vicki and Brooks. Now that we’re all caught up; let’s dive into tonight’s episode!

Heather Dubrow

Brooks, Vicki, Terry and Heather are having dinner together. Of course the conversation steers to Shannon. Vicki tells Heather that Shannon was upset that Heather told the whole world about the Beador’s divorce email. Heather’s such a bitch. Her response was, “The whole world? I don’t know the world.” I think they call that avoiding the issue, Heather! She’s guilty and she knows it and Shannon’s right; Heather does spin everything.

Lizzie’s parents are renovating their house on Laguna Beach and they put Christian in charge of managing the project. Lizzie tells us that her parents bought the house in the 90s and they spend half the year at the beach house and the other half at their home in Kentucky. Sounds lovely!

Tamra is visiting Vicki at work, again. They’re complaining about going to the restroom and it being a waste of their time. Really? Yes, really.

Lizzie and Christian are preparing the beach house for their dinner party. It’s decorated beautifully! David and Shannon are on their way to Lizzie’s dinner party. Shannon tells David that Tamra told her that the Dubrows have said on a few occasions that they want to take the Beadors down. Oh LOL, this should be good! There are fire dancers on the beach to perform for the dinner party.

I love fire dancers! Of course Tamra has to ruin it though by announcing to everyone that she bets one of the fire dancers likes to swallow. Does she kiss her kids with that mouth? She’s inappropriate and trashy. Why is she even on this show? I know I say that at least once a week, but really!

Oh great, the take down pow wow has just started. Shannon takes Tamra to the side to confirm that she relayed the take the Beadors down convo correctly before she confronts the Dubrows. Tamra denies everything. Read my lips, she did not witness a take the Beadors down conversation from the Dubrows! So she claims anyway… If someone told me that they wanted to take me down. I would first laugh then probably ask them if they were serious, then proceed to take off my shoes and jewelry and tell them to bust a move! I’d really love it if Heather told me that she wanted to take me down. Ok, now I’m all riled up, sorry about that.

Tamra is shitting bricks right now because this is the second time this season that she’s been busted for running her mouth. Then last season with the whole evil eye thing… sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🙂 Heather’s such a bitch though. How does she have any friends? She probably doesn’t.

Christian and his toast are so adorable. He’s like my brother in law when he says grace. There are a lot of “ums” in there and repeats himself over and over. It’s hilarious! Tamra’s ice breaker is so dumb. Like who really cares? OMG, Brooks quit it, just quit! Everyone is talking over everyone about 112 different things. Wtf is going on? We need a moderator, but not Tamra or Heather! Now Tamra is talking to the Dubrows about Shannon and they’re all sitting at the same table. How classy. For the record, Shannon never yelled at Heather at her Christmas party. She just set her straight. Big difference! Heather’s a bitch, a whiny bitch. Have I mentioned that yet? I’m with Lizzie on this one. Tamra is so lying! Can we vote her off the island already? I’m now feeling sorry for Shannon. It appears that Heather is taking her down and Shannon has no dog in this fight. It’s unbelievable! Shannon needs to tag Vicki in for some back up. But Vicki’s too busy making out with Brooks at the dinner table. Ew

Ok now things are getting weird between David and Terry. I wish one would just punch the other and get it over with, but that would not be civilized so they’re just arguing over the table. I do admire how David is speaking up for Shannon. That’s very sweet to see. I like them as a couple. Terry on the other hand is looking quite douchey.

Now Tamra of all people yells out, “Who cares anyway?” Um, obviously she does seeing how she spreads everyone’s business all over the OC. LOL at Vicki telling Eddie that he knew what he was getting into when he got with Tamra. All he could think to do was flip her off. Very mature, Eddie.

Tamra’s boobs look weird and so does Heather’s face. Also, Tamra’s wasted. I wonder if Heather wagged her finger enough in Shannon’s face if Heather will eventually lose her balance and fall off the balcony. Ok, that was mean, never mind.

Shannon has finally had enough of Heather’s high and mighty self and exits stage left. I don’t blame her! How is all this crap fun? It isn’t! I would’ve left too!

Lizzie says that if Tamra wouldn’t have brought up the whole Dubrows wanting to take the Beadors down then her dinner party would’ve been nice. She’s totally right!

Next week on the Real Housewives of Orange County…

Heather wants to call an ambulance for Shannon because she feels that Shannon’s having a breakdown. Oh puhleeeeze! And Tamra cries because she just found out that she’s gonna be a grandma, Ha Ha!


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One thought on “Real Housewives of Orange County “Point Break” RECAP!

  1. I don’t get it? Shannon seems to be the only one that is sane. Tamra is desperate for a story line and playing all sides while Heather is a super wound up mean girl who is delusional about herself. Shannon is the only real girl on OC – other than Vickie – who seems to be back in my circle of trust – even w brooks (I love her brain? And v? Ew?) – so go Shannon and Vickie / and mostly Elizabeth – except when she tried to play it too down the line. And Heather FYI Shannon hasn’t yelled – you can say it 55xs but it doesn’t make it so 🙂 That’s all – love the show and reading everyone’s opinions!


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