Real Housewives of New Jersey “Trash-Talking” RECAP!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Sunday and are ready for some Jersey!

Last week it was Christmas in New Jersey. The Giudices hosted a birthday party for Joe’s nonni and the adult Gorga cousins got together for a holiday dinner. Let’s dive into tonight’s episode, shall we?

The Giudice girls are speaking in a British accent while they ask Teresa for some tea. Teresa is having a dessert party for her gal pals and family to test her new dessert line. Oh boy, Melissa just said that she loves being blind folded and having someone stick things in her mouth.

TMI, chick!

Amber brings up her party when people were talking shit behind Teresa’s back and she told Teresa that she wanted to apologize for it. Then Melissa starts crying and Teresa starts crying. Also Amber starts crying… Then Audriana runs in asking Teresa why she’s crying. Melissa explains it away and then Amber goes into a full on cry watching Teresa with her girls. Dina assumes it’s because the new girl was just trying too hard, but I don’t agree. I think Amber had a flashback moment from when she had cancer and thought she was going to die and her family would never see her again. Every second counts with your kids and family and I think Amber just got caught up in a moment. Teresa, Joe, Teresssssa, Rino, Nicole and Bobby are having dinner at Angelo’s. It went really well. Everyone got along and even showed support for Teresa and Joe. Amber and Melissa are meeting for dinner. They start out by bonding over wifey and mom talk. Amber’s husband, Jim is at home watching their kids while Amber hangs out with Melissa. His friend, Bobby, who’s also Nicole’s boyfriend comes over and spoils Amber’s kids with McDonald’s and homemade milkshakes.

That Bobby can babysit my kids anyday, LOL!

Although Amber’s gonna kick Jim and Bobby’s asses because they don’t do fast food or anything else that’s not organic. Amber’s husband tries to rationalize why it’s ok for their kids to have McDonald’s every now and again, but Amber’s gonna be pissed. He told the kids not to tell her though. Back to Amber and Melissa… Amber asks Melissa if she’s still doing the singing thing. I’m dying and totally just fell more in love with Amber than I already was! I’ve been wanting to know the status of Melissa’s singing for like ever. Melissa never answered the singing question though; so I guess we’ll never know.

It’s like the what came first riddle, the chicken or the egg? except worse

Now Melissa is grilling Amber about their friendship. She’s all, “Are you my real friend now?” blah, blah, blah… Amber brings up how she was hurt when Melissa stopped calling her and being her friend. Melissa says in her talking head that she’s her friend now; so get over the past and quit talking about it. Bobby talks to Jim about getting all the guys together for a drink to get to know each other better. Jim wants no part of it. He works in the mortgage industry and for the Attorney General for the state of New Jersey and feels there is a conflict between what he does and the Giudice’s legal issues. I think that Jim made a very wise choice because he’s right; MAJOR conflict of interest there with Teresa and Joe’s situation. The guys all get together for bowling sans Jim, but hey, at least Rosie came! OMG, Joey Gorga just said that people should be honored to hang out with him. That people take a number and wait to be his friend.

Oh ya, Lexi didn’t get into NYU and Dina gave her a bracelet from Bulgari. Makes sense, not… Zzzzzzz

Oh joy, now the psychic is at Dina’s to give Teresa a read. Melissa, Teresssssa and Nicole are shopping. Teresssssa tells Melissa the real reason why Jim didn’t want to go bowling with all the guys. Melissa’s pissed and says that Jim better watch himself. LOL, give Jim the evil eye, Melissa! The twins tell Melissa that they’re surprised that Amber wanted to rekindle their friendship because Amber talked mad crap about her when they were no longer friends. Then Melissa drops the bomb that Amber told her that Nicole stole someone’s husband. Oh I know she di-nt! The twins are pissed and run out of the store, tags hanging from their clothes; to go confront Amber. Teresa is getting read. eye roll

I can’t with Dina’s hairless cats. They’re hideous and scare me to death; and I love cats! The twins are sitting in Amber’s driveway right now. They are discussing how Nicole should front Amber out while Amber and Jim are putting their kids to bed. Nicole decides not to confront Amber that night and said she would do it at another time since her kids are home. Hear that, Shannon from RHOC?

Next week on the Real Housewives of New Jersey…

Jim gets in Joey Gorga’s face and explains to him the conflict of interest he has with the Giudices. Amber takes Nicole to the side to set her straight and the ladies attempt to set Dina up with some guy. All at the same party, LOL! See you back next week. It sounds juicy!


photo credit: playgoogle, gifsoup, astrologyexplained, orkut, wifflegif, mistygirl1249


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