Bethenny Frankel Returning to RHONY?

I recently read that Bravo is considering asking Bethenny Frankel back to star in the Real Housewives of New York next season! According to Radar Online, a source has revealed, “Bethenny has been in formal talks with Bravo to return to RHONY . . . Bravo has told Bethenny she could return as a special guest star, which wouldn’t require as much filming, which is appealing to her.”

I hope this rumor is true! Sure Bethenny can be a bit annoying in real life (cough, as a talk show host, cough) but she really brought the drama on RHONY back when she was one of the original cast members. New York needs something huge to resuscitate their very poor ratings and Bethenny is as huge as it gets. Well not literally. You know what I mean! We need her to get in Aviva’s face and say stuff like…

Maybe she and Ramona can be running buddies since Ramona’s single now and all. That would be awesome to see those two team up! Especially since Radar Online is also reporting that Bravo is also in talks with Jill Zarin to re-join the Real Housewives of New York as well. According to a Bravo source, “Producers need to shake up the cast because the ratings have just plummeted. They are also exploring the prospect of bringing Bethenny’s frenemy, Jill Zarin back,” the source said. “Recently Jill appeared on ABC‘s Wife Swap, and fans on social media have been asking for her to return.”

I watched Jill Zarin on Celebrity Wife Swap and in my opinion she was horrid. I don’t know who is worse for RHONY Aviva or JillZ. We’ll have to call it a tie. Naturally I am not a fan of JillZ being re-cast on the Real Housewives of New York. I hope they get rid of Aviva, add Bethenny full time and keep Luann, Heather and Ramona. Kristen is a terrible idea for reality tv. She brings nothing interesting to the table. Oh, and keep Sonja and Carole too. I love Carole and Heather together. They’re hilarious and have a sweet friendship that seems genuine. It would not surprise me though to see Bethenny back on RHONY; if they offer her the right price that is. Stay tuned!

source: Radar, perezhilton, Bravotv, bsideblog


2 thoughts on “Bethenny Frankel Returning to RHONY?

  1. referencing radaronline stating Jill Zarin in talks with Bravo to return to RHNY-DON”T DO IT!!!! I personally don’t think it will happen because of her comments and actions. She is horrid and egotistical. She told Andy that she has more followers than all the other cast members on social media= who keeps track or knows that. She even had Lindsay Lohan tell Andy, that Jill thinks they need to have her back, along with Dina Lohan to boost the bad ratings. I think she just digs herself into a bigger hole. She needs to go home and remember she has a family and spend time with them.


    • Her comments about her family on Wife Swap were awful. I have no idea where she gets off acting like that. I think Bethenny would be good for the show, but Jill isn’t good for anything. Also, who in the world felt that after watching Jill on Wife Swap tweeted Bravo asking for Jill to return to RHONY? It was probably Jill using multiple twitter accounts.


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