UPDATE – Joan Rivers Health …

Yesterday, doctors at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital were attempting to slowly wake Rivers up. However, they now have serious concerns about the length of time her brain was starved of oxygen during the cardiac arrest.

As with all major stroke victims, there is no guarantee she will fully recover powers of movement or speech.

Family sources quoted by the American newspapers fear she may be left ‘a vegetable’ or ‘needing a wheelchair’, and say relatives are considering legal action against the private clinic where her cardiac arrest happened.

Yet no matter how the cards now fall, one thing is almost certainly true: Joan Rivers does not want our sympathy.

If her past pronouncements are any guide, she would instead prefer the world to respond to her fate in a straight-forward way: by cracking a lot of hugely distasteful jokes about her fate. The ruder the better.

Get better soon, Joan!

It’s unfortunately not looking good for Joan Rivers. I’m sad to report that her health doesn’t seem to be improving.

According to reports, the iconic comedienne, 81, is currently on life support after she stopped breathing during a routine throat surgery on Thursday morning.

If the outspoken entertainer “can’t recover and live a full and active life, she would rather be gone,” a friend told the New York Daily News. “She would never want to be a burden on anyone.”

The star was rushed to Mount Sinai hospital in NYC after she experienced dangerous complications during surgery on her vocal chords. She was later said to be in stable condition under amedically-induced coma.

“I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support for my mother,” Melissa said in a statement to Mount Sinai on Friday. “She is resting comfortably and is with our family. We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.”

I was very sad to hear of this news. I adore Joan Rivers. I love her on Fashion Police. Loved her as a guest host on Johnny Carson and laugh so hard when she comments on celebrity fashion missteps. I wish she would recover. I hope she’s as comfortable as possible at this time.

Love you, Joan!


source/photocredit: turningfashion, radaronline,dailymailUK


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