Teresa and Joe Giudice Bankruptcy Settlement

Teresa and Joe Giudice finally received some good news. After years of struggling with an ongoing bankruptcy case, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars have finally settled their $13.5 million case.

According to a new report, the reality stars and parents of four girls can now move forward with life, concentrating on their next legal issue — their fraud trial.

“The trustee in the bankruptcy filed the discharge papers on Aug. 27 in New Jersey — wiping $13,480,263.11 in debt from the reality TV stars’ lives,” Radar Online reported on Sept. 3, via court documents. “According to the documents, $15,000 worth of the couple’s furniture and household goods were sold off by the trustee, but the Giudices were allowed to keep their numerous homes because the trustee found them to be of no value.”

Teresa and Joe were also allowed to keep their cars, a 2007 Cadillac and a 2005 Maserati, as well as their motorcycle, a Kawasaki Quad.

“The case is fully have been properly accounted for as provided by law. The trustee hereby requests to be discharged from further duties as a trustee,” the trustee, John W. Sywilok stated, via Radar.

Teresa and Joe are due back in court on Sept. 23, where they will receive their sentencing for crimes of fraud. Despite facing years behind bars, Teresa is reportedly “confident” she will evade jail time. Still, she faces up to two years behind bars, while Joe is facing four.

So far, it is unclear how much of the trial, if any, will be seen on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”


source/photo credit: examiner, instatcheckmate


4 thoughts on “Teresa and Joe Giudice Bankruptcy Settlement

  1. I don’t understand. They owed 13.5 million and only had to pay 15,000. Their homes were said to have no value? Again I don’t understand. I guess, if what they would get, is less than they owe on it there would be no money to pay back, Why let them off the hook so easily? I know they complain about how expensive their lawyers are for their fraud case, but again, just because they don’t have the “cash” available now, why don’t they have to come up with something over time. I can’t image the average person getting this deal. And as a side note, Theresa, who is being low key on the show this season, don’t think we didn’t notice you really didn’t admit to doing any wrong to your cast mates. Your apology was basically you were sorry if you were in a situation where negative things were being said about the cast mates and you didn’t stand up for them or put a stop to it. YOU were saying a lot of things about them. Hard to feel sorry for you and your troubles, but feel terrible for your daughters.


    • No kidding! All that marble and onyx in their McMansion has to be worth something. What about all their luxury vehicles and her several thousand dollar handbags? She has fur coats and a ton of jewelry too, but what do I know?


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