Ramona Singer To Star on Millionaire Matchmaker

It’s the ultimate revenge.

The Real Housewives of New York City’s Ramona Singer has agreed to take part in Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker after finally calling time on her cheating husband Mario, according to Radar Onlne on Friday.

The source revealed: ‘Ramona is doing it to make Mario jealous, and has instructed Patti to get young hot guys for her to choose from.’

Pals persuaded the 57-year-old to do the reality show, hosted and produced by Patti Stanger, to boost her confidence after the end of her 22-year-marriage to the 60-year-old following his alleged affair with Kasey Dexter.

‘At first, Ramona was absolutely not going to do it, but her friends talked her into it,’ the source said.

‘Fellow New York housewife, Sonja Morgan has already filmed for the upcoming season, and advised Ramona to do it because it was so much fun.

‘She said it would be a great confidence booster for Ramona to have a bunch of men vying for her attention at one of Patti’s infamous mixers. It’s a great way to get herself out there and just have fun. She isn’t looking for anything serious right now.’

Ramona announced her split on Twitter on August 7.

The beautiful blonde originally filed for divorce in January, but the pair reconciled a few months later – only to split again when Ramona caught Mario cheating on July 24. The couple have one daughter, Avery.

‘We were doing great, but when I got suspicious and questioned him, he admitted he was still seeing her (Kasey),’ the reality star spilled to Us Weekly on August 11. ‘I screamed, “We’re done!” ‘

Now she’s reportedly ‘very nervous, but excited’ about appearing on Patti’s show, which introduces wealthy people to one another.

The  insider told Radar that Ramona ‘hasn’t been on a blind date in over 25 years.

‘Viewers are going to see a different side of Ramona now that she has finally decided to ditch cheating husband Mario.’

source/photo credit: Radar, dailymailUK, astrochicks


5 thoughts on “Ramona Singer To Star on Millionaire Matchmaker

  1. It would need to be a different Ramona for anyone to truly be interested in her for anything other than 15 minutes of fame or her money, and the way she acts, the money isn’t worth it. There was an erroneous statement made. This show doesn’t introduce wealthy people to each other, the wealthy one is looking for love-and are introduced to people from all walks of life, they never have a ton of money. I’m sure she will be putting a ” different” Ramona on this show for us. She can’t blame her actions on Mario cheating on her, she didn’t know it was going on, and has been the same way since the first show.


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