Peggy Tanous Claims BRAVO Wants Her Back On #RHOC

‘Member Peggy Tanous? The holistic friend of Alexis Bellino‘s who suffered post partum depression and was on one-season Real Housewives Of Orange County star? Well, she’s claiming producers have asked her to return!

Peggy previously stated that she left the show because it was too negative – and it destroyed her friendship with Alexis when it emerged that Peggy once dated (and according Alexis “stalked”) Jim Bellino. Peggy has since been trying to get another reality show off the ground – she’s also declared bankruptcy and dealt with foreclosure!

Well, now Peggy asserts that following the reunion, RHOC producers have asked her to return! “They called me to see if I had any interest again or if any of my friends did. I said no. I now have two shows I’m in production on.”

Peggy also reveals that RHOC is definitely casting for new ladies amid rumors that Tamra Barney will be fired. “They never know the cast until after the reunion and I know they are casting because several of my friends have been called. They are definitely casting for new women.” Just for the record, producers are ALWAYS on the look out for new ladies – just in case – even if they have no intention of firing anyone on the current cast they always keep options open.

Because of her insider information, Peggy takes issue with Terry Dubrow commenting that Tamra’s position on the cast is definitely safe – so she’s leaking a little information about how Heather Dubrow and Terry landed their roles on RHOC in the first place. “For Terry Dubrow to comment is comical to me,” Peggy tells RumorFix. “He needs to stop trying to be a Housewife and stick to being a doctor.”

Dr. Dubrow got producers’ numbers because I filmed with him Season 6 about possibly doing my boobs, but he was all about the cameras, so I chose another doctor that I felt was more interested in my well being than in the cameras,” Peggy adds. “Due to this, Bravo never aired our consultation. After that, he contacted production to see if they would buy a show of Heather and her friends opening a restaurant. They said no and told him to have her audition for Real Housewives.”

If you recall, Heather’s first season of Housewives she did feature a bogus story line of her and friends opening a restaurant – even though none of them had any experience..

Tell us what you think. Anyone want Peggy back on the OC? I say why not.


source/photo credit: Bravo, realitytea, rumorfix


3 thoughts on “Peggy Tanous Claims BRAVO Wants Her Back On #RHOC

  1. Don’t need to see Peggy again. I think she made this story up to promote her “2 shows she is now in production”. She didn’t say anything about them, nor does anyone care. Of course Bravo is always “looking” it is good business sense. If they are getting rid of anyone- get rid of Vicky I never liked her from the beginning with her whoo hoo when she was drinking so annoying. The way she acted with her kids, following Brianna on her date, surprising Michael at college – I still can’t get over that one- she was so embarrassing, maybe that is why Michael is being disrespectful to her at times, pay back.


    • Hi Bravo nut! Bravo hasn’t confirmed that Tamra was fired. I’m hoping it’s true though! We will hear word from them once they start promoting the OC’s next season. I also like Peggy. Her husband’s a douche though. Although most house husbands are, LOL!


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