#RHONJ Producers Made Teresa Spread Rino Cheating Rumor!

As if Teresa Giudice didn’t have enough drama in her life… the producers of Real Housewives of New Jersey recently attempted to drag her into the swirling mess of rumors and accusations surrounding Nicole Napolitano and her twin sister, Teresa Aprea. According to a source, show honchos pressured Giudice to spread the rumor that Aprea’s husband Rino cheated on her with her mother, Santa, to make both Giudice and the twins look bad — and now they’re “livid!”

On Sunday night’s episode, Giudice confessed to Dina Manzo that she had heard a rumor about Rino sleeping with Santa.

But now, Giudice is telling pals, that the entire scene was staged by producers to make her look bad — because she pulled out of going on the housewives’ cast trip to Miami.

“Teresa didn’t want or need in any drama in her life at that time,” the source explained. “It was around the time she had pled guilty in the bankruptcy and fraud case. Producers told her to tell Dina the rumor that Rino Aprea had slept with his mother-in-law.”

“It was done to make sure that Teresa looked like the villain for spreading malicious gossip, and she wasn’t in Miami to defend herself,” the source said.

But now, it’s not just Giudice who’s mad at producers for dragging her into drama.

The source claimed, “Twins Teresa and Nicole are beyond disgusted that a private family issue has become such a very public matter. They had no idea for the majority of the filming, the entire cast would be talking about their mother having sex with Rino! There was no reason that this ever should have been put on television. They are livid that their family looks like some backwards hillbilly mess.”

Despite public denials from the family, an insider previously told Radar, “It happened a long time ago, but Rino and Santa did have sex. And it happened more than once.”

Now, all of the ladies are “absolutely dreading the upcoming reunion,” the insider said. “Even though a date hasn’t been set for the taping, there are a lot of hurt feelings. The ladies could end up turning on Andy Cohen and the network because they are so upset.”

What do y’all think? Is this all bs? If you ask me the twins should be pissed at Rino and their mother!

But that’s none of my business…


Source/photo credit: Radar, dailymailUK, hollywood


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